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proper palm tree trimming

Proper Palm Pruning

Proper palm pruning beautifies these stately specimens in the landscape and protects them from stress from poor care and environmental pressure.Benefits of Proper Palm Pruning Include:• Preserving the health of the palm.• Improving their appearance.• Eliminating places for pests to hide.• Reducing wind resistance during bad weather.• Reducing fire hazards from the highly flammable dead […]
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Houseplant Lover

Houseplant Lover Photo Contest

Here are the photo entries for the houseplant lover photo social media contest that began on February 1 for Facebook and Instagram. Contest requirements were, “Lovers of houseplants upload your best houseplant photos in the comment section for a chance to win $50. Entry deadline Feb. 27 and winner announcement to be made on Feb […]
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Koi Handling Tips for Beginners

Koi Handling Tips for Beginners

Earth Works offers these koi handling tips for beginners interested in protecting the health of one of the most popular fish available for ponds and water gardens. Introduction: What is a Koi Fish? Koi fish are a type of ornamental carp bred primarily for their colors, patterns, size, shape, and, most importantly, their friendly nature. They […]
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10 steps to clean out pond

10 Step Pond Clean-Out Process

We recommend this 10 step pond clean-out process for those who want to do it themselves rather than use our clean-out services. Checklist of Materials for your Pond Clean-Out -Kiddie pool (or similar, large container to hold sufficient water to accommodate fish, water lilies, etc. ) -Net to cover fish containers to prevent them from […]
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