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Avoid Palm Brown Frond Tips aka Frizzletop

Brown Palm Frond Tips & Other Palm Problems

Brown palm frond tips, called “frizzle top” on new growth, are a cause for concern for newly planted palm species. Palms depending on size, are often pricey and a prized addition to a homeowners landscape plant collection. As popular palm species originate in all sorts of environments, from deserts to river banks and rainforests, keeping […]
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Protect Your Pond Fish From Summer Heat

Low Dissolved Oxygen: Koi Summer

The warmest months of the year are times you expect to enjoy your pond and water garden the most, but anxiety arrives if your fish are suffering as a result of a poorly designed & equipped, dirty, overstocked pond that all contribute to low dissolved oxygen. There you are trying to enjoy some time pondside […]
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Install and seal your pavers with Earth Works of Jacksonville.

Sealing Your Pavers Protects & Beautifies

Having professionals seal your pavers provides peace of mind that your investment is beautiful and adequately protected for years to come. Benefits of sealing pavers include:BEAUTIFIES paver surface revealing increased color and texture.PROTECTS against stains, weathering, and wear.PREVENTS sand loss and deters plants and insects between joints.ADDS value to your investment. Sealing your pavers requires […]
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Earth Works available pond optons for northeast florida

Available Pond Options in Northeast Florida

Earth Works has four display ponds at our garden center demonstrating the available pond options in Northeast Florida. Each of the ponds have signs posted next to them with the specifications for Do-It-Yourselfers and for clients who prefer that Earth Works design and complete their pond installation.“Hardly anybody ever thinks they go too big,” said […]
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Wildlife Attracting Hedgerows

Azaleas, Arborvitae, Bamboo, Boxwood, Yews, Ligustrum, Viburnum, and Oleander are readily available for hedges in landscape design. By adding a mix of trees, shrubs, vines, and flowers, the hedge becomes wildlife, attracting hedgerows while providing beauty, obstructing views, enhancing privacy, and a host of area ecological benefits. The word hedge, translated from its Old English […]
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Sod Choices for Northeast Florida

Turf Grass Options for Northeast Florida

People ask what kind of grass I should have? What is the best type of grass? The truth is there is no best grass. Certain grasses are better for specific situations. We are here today on our Bermuda grass. Bermuda grass is the most wear tolerant grass you are going to find. Bermuda is also, […]
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