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10 steps to clean out pond

10 Step Pond Clean-Out Process

We recommend this 10 step pond clean-out process for those who want to do it themselves rather than use our clean-out services. Checklist of Materials for your Pond Clean-Out -Kiddie pool (or similar, large container to hold sufficient water to accommodate fish, water lilies, etc. ) -Net to cover fish containers to prevent them from […]
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Container Gardening Recipe

January Container Gardening Recipe

January Container Gardening Recipe Introducing A New Monthly FeatureContainer Gardening – a recipe for happiness!Each month be sure to check out our latest recipe. Our first recipe is a full sun cool weather planter.This recipe follows the basic concept of combining “thrillers, fillers, and spillers.”Thrillers are the dramatic tall plants, fillers the mid-size plants that […]
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leaves turn black

Why Did My Leaves Turn Black?

Insect secretions of honeydew and the resulting sooty mold buildup are why your plants leaves turn black. The sooty mold has a mutualist relationship with sap-sucking insect pests that create the favorable growth conditions for the fungus. Blocking photosynthesis is the only harm to the plant caused besides the unsightly appearance of this fungus. “On […]
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