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mealybug prevention

Preventing Mealybug Infestation

Regular observation and timely corrective actions are the keys to preventing mealybug infestation that unchecked can kill your affected plants. A staff member’s Desert Rose appeared pest-free during May’s dry weather, but in June quickly became heavily infested with multiple stages of the mealybug life cycle. Silky cocoons appeared at the base of stems and […]
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Soggy Yard Problems & Fixes

Soggy Yard Problems and Fixes for Northeast Florida

Flooding, erosion of topsoil, uprooted trees, and fungal diseases are soggy yard problems Earth Works strives to fix for Northeast Florida residents. Jacksonville’s June rainfall totals are below average, according to the National Weather Service. Still, some Northeast Florida neighborhoods have experienced torrential rain with flash floods complicated by drainage problems. “Several streets in Jacksonville […]
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