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Hurricane Season Landscape Prep

Hurricane Season Landscape Preparation

Hurricane season landscape preparation is crucial as it begins on June 1 and lasts until November 30. Many Floridians will have to deal with the fallout from tropical storms and possibly full-blown hurricanes. While hurricanes are uncommon in June, there have been tropical storms that were significant rain events, such as Tropical Storm Debby in […]
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Pruning Tips for Northeast Florida Landscapes

A good starting point for pruning tips with any plant is to remove dead, diseased, or damaged stems as soon as you see them. Dead stems attract insects and invite diseases to develop. Also remove crossing branches, water sprouts (vigorous upright growing shoots that form on trunks or side branches), and suckers (vigorous shoots that […]
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Paver Care & maintenance in Northeast Florida

Paver Care and Maintenance Q & A

Earth Works of Jacksonville as a member of the Interconnecting Concrete Paver Institute (ICPI) provides professional hardscaping services and information on paver care and maintenance. See examples of our completed paver projects in our photo gallery and youtube channel. We answer commonly asked questions below. What should I expect during my paver project? –Paver Dust: […]
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Earthworksjax Pondless Water Features Availble in Northeast Florida

Available Pondless Water Features

You may like the sound of running water, but don’t want a pond. Earth Works of Jacksonville, Florida has a variety of pondless water features on display at our garden center that demonstrate a few of your design possibilities. The hardware for these pondless water features is manufactured by Aquascape Inc that Earth Works also […]
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Avoid Palm Brown Frond Tips aka Frizzletop

Brown Palm Frond Tips & Other Palm Problems

Brown palm frond tips, called “frizzle top” on new growth, are a cause for concern for newly planted palm species. Palms depending on size, are often pricey and a prized addition to a homeowners landscape plant collection. As popular palm species originate in all sorts of environments, from deserts to river banks and rainforests, keeping […]
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Protect Your Pond Fish From Summer Heat

Low Dissolved Oxygen: Koi Summer

The warmest months of the year are times you expect to enjoy your pond and water garden the most, but anxiety arrives if your fish are suffering as a result of a poorly designed & equipped, dirty, overstocked pond that all contribute to low dissolved oxygen. There you are trying to enjoy some time pondside […]
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