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New Landscape Watering

New Landscape Watering Tips

Consider these tips for new landscape watering as these plant requirements vary from those already established in the lawn and garden. Even the healthiest trees, shrubs, and flowers planted in ideal circumstances need substantial time, care, and proper irrigation to become established in the landscape. Regular irrigation in the month after planting ensures the plants […]
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Top Dressing Lawns

Organic Top Dressing Lawns Benefits

Organic top dressing lawns, although labor-intensive, provides your beautiful lawn vital ecological benefits. Top dressing lawns, simply put, is spreading a thin 1/4”-1/2” layer of organic material on the lawn. Our service aerates the soil before top dressing to reduce compaction, which allows better oxygen, water, and nutrient absorption. In a few months, the benefits […]
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heirloom vegetables

Growing Heirloom Vegetables, Seed Saving, and Exchange

Growing heirloom vegetables provides your family delicious flavors, and with seed saving and exchange you help preserve plant genetic diversity. Many of the remaining seeds of our ancestor’s choice crops passed down through the generations are labeled heirloom seeds and seedlings at your neighborhood garden center. While industrial agriculture has provided benefits, there are also […]
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January Lawn and Garden Tips

January Lawn and Garden Tips 2022

A warm La Nina Winter and its impacts are the focus of our January Lawn and Garden Tips for Northeast Florida. While January is typically the region’s coldest month a warm one has its drawbacks especially for plants. Why Are Winter Temperatures Higher This Year?La Nina is predicted by NOAA to be warmer and wetter […]
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Hardscaping landscaping drainage

Concrete Retaining Wall Benefits

Concrete retaining wall benefits include aesthetics, affordability, durability, erosion control, and add functionality to your landscape design. Additionally retaining walls expand usable space in the landscape, form boundaries, direct traffic, and reduce maintenance. -Aesthetics: You can’t put a price on the joy you get from a pleasant experience with friends and family on and around […]
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