Turf Grass Options for Northeast Florida

People ask what kind of grass I should have? What is the best type of grass? The truth is there is no best grass. Certain grasses are better for specific situations. We are here today on our Bermuda grass. Bermuda grass is the most wear tolerant grass you are going to find. Bermuda is also, one of the most drought-tolerant grasses you are going to find. That’s why you see it on athletic fields and golf courses. You can put a lot of traffic on it, and it bounces back and doesn’t wear out. St Augustine would be the exact opposite. It’s the least wear tolerant. There are benefits to St Augustine, and it’s probably the most common grass we use. It’s been around for years, and we’ve used it for years. In our view, St. Augustine is easier to take care of than Bermuda grass.

You can look at ours and see there are a few weeds in here. The good news is you can kill the weeds in Bermuda grass. With Bermuda grass, we use multiple herbicides to control the weeds, and with St Augustine, we only use a few. So it’s easier for homeowners to take care of Bermuda and a little easier to keep up.

Two other types of grass we use would include zoysia grass, which is somewhat in between Bermuda and St. Augustine. Bermuda is a very fine leafed grass, and St. Augustine is a very coarse grass. Zoysia grass is in between with a medium coarseness to the leaf blades. Zoysia is a nice grass, very thick, with a better feel if you are standing on it. Some people, especially from the north, say St. Augustine feels and looks like crabgrass because it is very broadleaf.

Sod options in Northeast Florida

So a little about zoysia grass is that its good grass, but it does take a lot longer to establish. So if you don’t water it well if you don’t take care of it for that first year, it doesn’t get established, and it takes much longer to recover if you have problems with it. Once it’s established, it’s great grass. It’s a bit more wear tolerant than St Augustine and probably a little more drought tolerant, but not in the beginning. In the beginning, it has to be babied and taken care of to get it going.

Sod Options for Northeast Florida
Sod Options for Northeast Florida

So those are the three main types of grass that we use. The fourth one we don’t use as much would be Bahia. Bahiagrass is the most drought tolerant. So Bahia grass is the only one we recommend putting down without irrigation. The other three types of grass you definitely want to put irrigation down with it.

All of the grasses have different varieties. With Bahiagrass, you have two varieties. It’s either Argentine or Pensacola. Argentine Bahia is preferred because it doesn’t get the seed heads. However, the Pensacola Bahia will reseed itself because it does put up a seed head. We used to see the Pensacola Bahia on the roadsides. Then many municipalities switched to Bermuda grass. So it has its uses including overseeding in Winter, and Bahia is a little less expensive as well. As far as the cost of the turf, Bahia is going to be your least expensive, then St. Augustine. Zoysia and Bermuda run about the same price and are going to be your more expensive grasses.

There are mowing differences between the grasses. First, St. Augustine grass is going to be cut the highest. It’s going to be mowed at 3-4″ almost the higher, the better. Next is going to be zoysia grass. It can be maintained at 2-3″. And then your Bermuda grass can be maintained at 1-2″. Bahia should be cut higher up around 3-4″ and closer to the cut length of St. Augustine.

The good news is that Earth Works of Jacksonville can help you out with all these grasses. They are all available. We take care of them. So you don’t have to sweat it. We can come out, mow it. We can treat it, take care of bugs, and take care of weeds. That’s what we are here for. We are here to help you make it easy. And we can keep you having a beautiful lawn.

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