Embracing Xeric Landscaping

In the bustling city of Jacksonville, Florida, residents are embracing a new approach to landscaping that not only enhances the beauty of their homes but also contributes to the preservation of the local environment. Xeric landscaping, also known as xeriscaping, is gaining popularity in Northeast Florida due to its numerous benefits. By adopting xeric landscaping practices, homeowners can create sustainable and low-maintenance outdoor spaces while conserving water resources and supporting native biodiversity. In this article, we will explore the advantages of xeric landscaping in the context of Jacksonville, Florida.


One of the most significant benefits of xeric landscaping in a region like Northeast Florida is its ability to conserve water. The region experiences long, hot summers with occasional droughts, making water scarcity a concern. Xeric landscaping employs water-efficient practices such as using drought-tolerant plants, mulching to retain moisture, and optimizing irrigation systems. By reducing water consumption, homeowners can contribute to the overall conservation efforts and reduce their water bills.

yucca cactus desert plants
Pink Cone Flowers


Another advantage of xeric landscaping is its low-maintenance nature. Traditional lawns require constant mowing, watering, and fertilizing. Xeric landscapes, on the other hand, are designed to thrive in the local climate conditions, reducing the need for frequent maintenance. Native plants are well-adapted to the region’s soil, weather, and wildlife, resulting in fewer pest problems and minimal pruning requirements. This allows homeowners to spend more time enjoying their outdoor spaces rather than constantly tending to them.


Xeric landscaping promotes environmental resilience by embracing native plant species that are naturally suited to the local climate. These plants have evolved over time to withstand the specific challenges posed by Northeast Florida’s weather patterns and soil conditions. By utilizing native flora, xeric landscapes contribute to the preservation of regional biodiversity, provide habitat for local wildlife, and promote a more balanced ecosystem. Moreover, xeric landscaping reduces the need for chemical pesticides and fertilizers, reducing environmental pollution and promoting healthier soil.

Xeric Jacksonville Beach landscaping
Xeric landscape lava rock and granite


Xeric landscaping can also result in long-term cost savings for homeowners. By reducing water consumption and maintenance requirements, homeowners can significantly lower their utility bills. Additionally, xeric landscapes often require less frequent replacement or repair, resulting in savings on plant replacements and lawn care equipment. Over time, these savings can add up, providing homeowners with a more sustainable and cost-effective landscaping solution.


Contrary to the misconception that xeric landscaping lacks visual appeal, these landscapes can be incredibly beautiful and diverse. By incorporating a variety of native plants, homeowners can create vibrant and colorful gardens that complement the natural surroundings. Native flowers, grasses, and shrubs can provide a visually stunning display throughout the year while attracting local pollinators and wildlife. Xeric Landscaping encourages homeowners to embrace the region’s unique beauty while adding a touch of personal creativity to their outdoor spaces.

xeric beach landscape cactus and rocks

A few great plants for xeriscaping in NE Florida

Xeric landscaping offers numerous benefits to homeowners in Northeast Florida, particularly in Jacksonville. By conserving water, reducing maintenance, promoting environmental resilience, and providing cost savings, xeric landscaping is becoming an increasingly popular choice for sustainable outdoor spaces. Embracing this approach not only benefits homeowners but also contributes to the preservation of local ecosystems and supports the region’s native biodiversity. As we strive for a more sustainable future, xeric landscaping is an excellent way to create a beautiful and eco-friendly environment right in our own backyards.



Commonly known as the beach sunflower, this cheerful, low-growing plant has bright, sunflowerlike blooms. A mature plant can cover several feet in diameter, so it makes great ground cover. It will attract many species of butterflies.

Fakahatchee Grass

Fakahatchee Grass

A Florida native grass that is drought tolerant but able to deal with those rainy summer days here in N.E. FL. It is somewhat salt tolerant as well and likes full sun. Many grasses are considered drought tolerant and are perfect for xeriscaping. Others include Pampas, Fountain, Muhly, and Cord grasses

Sunshine Mimosa

Sunshine Mimosa

This is also known as the powderpuff mimosa, because of its distinctive pink flowers that resemble little fiber-optic puffs. It has deep roots, so once you get it established, it requires very little maintenance. A healthy, mature plant can spread as much as 12 inches in a day, providing excellent ground cover. It can even be mixed with grass and mowed without damaging the plant.

Agave & Yucca

Agave & Yucca

Few plants can match the bold and dramatic landscape impact of agave and yucca, both excellent choices for truly low maintenance low water gardening. These amazingly tough plants endure the extremes, hot sun, sandy soil, dry conditions, and salty spots with elegance and style. Combine with landscape boulders for a finishing touch.



Its sunny, daisylike flowers are beautiful and great for butterflies and pollinators. Once it is established, it’s sun- and drought-tolerant. A mature plant will re-seed itself, which means you don’t just have it once, you have it all the time. Fun fact: The coreopsis is Florida’s state wildflower.



Also known as the blanket flower, it has distinctive bright orange and red flowers. It is highly salt-tolerant, prefers sunny locations, and it will seed itself. As an added bonus, the pretty blossoms can last a long time in flower arrangements.


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