Organic Top Dressing Lawns Benefits

Organic Top Dressing Lawns Benefits

Organic top dressing lawns, although labor-intensive, provides your beautiful lawn vital ecological benefits. Top dressing lawns, simply put, is spreading a thin 1/4”-1/2” layer of organic material on the lawn. Our service aerates the soil before top dressing to reduce compaction, which allows better oxygen, water, and nutrient absorption. In a few months, the benefits become obvious.

The earliest lawns of 17th century England were owned by only a handful of nobles and the wealthy who could afford a well-kept patch of grass. Lawn ownership increased dramatically after industrialization and the invention of the lawn mower. Now you’d better have a well-maintained lawn if your community has a Home Owners Association (HOA). Organic top dressing helps keep your well-kept patch of grass healthy and beautiful while reducing the need for fertilization, pesticides, and watering.

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Benefits of top dressing lawns include:
-Reduces compaction & thatch buildup.
-Reduces stress from foot traffic.
-Improves water retention.
-Replenishes organic nutrients.
-Fortifies with micronutrients.
-Reduces fertilization and irrigation needs.

“A recent field study conducted in a local development showed an average increase of soil organic matter of nearly 60% with compost topdressing,” according to the University of Florida. “Do your own “citizen science” and see if you are able to enjoy a beautiful lawn with fewer inputs this year. It’s time to top-dress your turf!“

Earth Works Lawn Care provides aeration and top dressing service within our Northeast Florida service area. We encourage homeowners to either do-it-yourself every few years or contact Earth Works Lawn Care to schedule this important service. Schedule a Lawn Care Account Manager visit to your home for a quote. And see our other lawn services and get a free quote by calling 904-996-0712.

Earth Works operates a retail Garden Center in Jacksonville and provides landscaping, hardscaping, water features, lawn care service, lawn spraying, and drainage solutions. Visit us or for specific lawn, garden, and landscaping needs, contact us at 904-996-0712.

Earth Works proudly serves clients in Northeast Florida, including Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra Beach, Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, Jacksonville Beach, Nocatee, St. Johns, Fleming Island, Orange Park, Middleburg, Green Cove Springs, Amelia Island, Fernandina, and St. Augustine.

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