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Every outdoor space can be enhanced by the beauty and serenity of the perfect water feature

From bubbling fountains and waterfalls to babbling brooks, streams and ponds, you’ll enjoy the peaceful sights and sounds of nature with an Earth Works’ water feature. Our water gardens are unmatched in Northeast Florida for their creativity, natural beauty, and professional construction. As a Certified Aquascapes Contractor, we will use the latest products and techniques to make your aquatic project truly amazing. Click here to check out the Aquascape product catalog.

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Pond Service Request Form

Pond Service Request Form

Check the box that applies to your needs

Maint. Monthly or Bi - Monthly

  • Add Beneficial Bacteria
  • Clean Up Algae
  • Clean Up Plants Around Pond
  • Empty the debris net
  • Clean Skimmer Pads
  • Check pond lights and replace bulbs as needed
  • Check and adjust automatic fill
  • Trim and remove dead plant material
  • Adjust rock and gravel as needed
  • Fertilize water lilies
  • Add appropriate chemicals

Pond Cleanout

  • Drain and thoroughly rinse pond, removing any residual debris
  • Power wash rocks and gravel
  • Clean biological and mechanical filter
  • Check lights for proper functionality
  • Clean and reconnect pump for the season
  • Detoxify pond water, making it safe for the fish and plants
  • Acclimate pond fish back into their environment

* Must provide a picture of the pond



Maximum upload size: 10MB


Pond Leak Tests


  • Turn off pump (the water in the waterfall will drain down into pond)
  • Fill pond with water until it reaches the bottom of the overflow valves (This is the marking spot to measure from)
  • After 24hrs measure the loss of water


  • Turn on pump (water will go up to waterfall)
  • Fill pond again with water to the bottom of the overflow valve
  • After 24hrs measure the loss of water

* If both measurements are the same, the leak is in the liner or skimmer seal.
* If the pond loses water when pump is on and nothing when pump is off, the leak is in the waterfall.