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Thank you for your help! Your contribution will go a long way toward helping these wonderful kids and their families navigate the new normal so many are experiencing this year. The equipment will be a great addition to the after school program as well. Here is some additional information about the deserving kids you will be helping.

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Results Matter

The Sanctuary on 8th Street is a place of welcome and safety located in the midst of the inner city. We provide an enriching, affirming environment for children and teens living in marginalized neighborhoods.

Their core programs provide positive, supervised alternatives to fill idle time, offer homework assistance and computer access, and turn the weeks of summer into a fun, educational, and recreational adventure!

High quality after school programs & summer camps keep kids safe and connect them to opportunity. Such programs provide a safe haven or academic remediation; they connect children to the myriad of opportunities in the larger society, through mentoring, field trips & involvement with higher education institutions. Programs for children who live in neighborhoods of concentrated poverty should provide enrichment activities, including travel & practice interaction in a variety of settings that middle-class children in more prosperous communities take for granted.

CHHIRJ Research Brief

For more info about Sanctuary on 8th Street check out their website.

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