How Often Should I Clean Out My Pond?

Earth Works provides quotes for annual winter pond clean out service for Aquascape ecosystem ponds we built and any pond system design whether it was a commercial or DIY constructed pond. Earth Works designs and builds low-maintenance ecosystem ponds that collect the majority of debris in the skimmer basket, but some debris settles to the pond bottom that requires periodic clean out. From our experience with unserviced pond debris buildup for water quality concerns, we recommend an annual winter pond clean out service.

“So we recommend once a year,” Jason Duffney, Earth Works owner said at recent Pond Clean Out Seminar. “That’s what we have found is the secret sauce. Don’t wait beyond three years.” Thus, when contacting Earth Works to schedule a pond clean out our standard quotations are based on annual service of your pond considering its size, equipment configuration and design. Pond clean out pricing increases for ponds that have multiple years of built up muck and debris.

Looks can be deceiving when trying to assess if your pond needs the clean out after year one, two or three. “It may not look that bad,” Glenn Stanza, Earth Works pond clean out specialist said. “You just wait and see how much dirt comes out of that pond (during clean out). The dirt settles, there is going to be sediment in the bottom of that thing. It’s bad. And if you let it go and let it go there is so much dirt in there that the pond can’t handle it. It can’t flush it out.”

Winter is the best time to schedule your annual pond clean out for the health of your pond ecosystem.
‘If you do a clean out like we are doing here in June, July, August, September you have to sign a waiver,” Jason Duffney said. “It’s too hot. We actually think it is very bad to do those clean outs that time of year. It’s just not good for the pond. So, once a year and do it ideally December, January and February are the best months.” As an incentive, Earth Works provides discounts on pond clean outs scheduled during the cooler months for the health of your pond ecosystem and to accommodate your year-long enjoyment.

For your quote to schedule your pond clean out service contact Earth Works Tim Greer at 904-996-0712 extension 212

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