Top 7 reasons to add a water feature to your yard.

#1- Whatever type of water feature you choose, Earth Works’ pond crew will make it amazing.

From a small fountain on your patio to an in-ground pond with exotic koi fish, colored lights and fountains, experts at Earth Works will find a water feature option that fits your budget and lifestyle while beautifying your surroundings. Our landscape professionals focus on making sure you get what you’re looking for, help you choose a location and with a pond kit, and install your pond from start to finish. Custom options are almost limitless with your choice of stone, lights, fountains, fish, foliage, waterfalls and water plants. You can even add a patio, fire pit, and pergola so you can enjoy your outdoor space and pond year-round.

#2 – Not ready to go the whole hog with an in-ground pond? Start small with a miniature Water Garden or Patio Pond that you can easily set up yourself! We offer a variety of Patio Ponds ready to go home

We offer a variety of Patio Ponds ready to go home with you and immediately brighten up your outdoor living space. Patio Ponds can even sustain small water gardens and certain types of fish for the full “pond experience” on a micro-level. Relaxing on your patio with your Patio Pond adds an artistic centerpiece and the calming sound of moving water.

#3- Contrary to popular belief, having your own pond ADDS to your quality of life and maintenance is a snap!

Often homeowners shy away from adding a water feature to their landscape because there’s a misconception that ponds require a lot of maintenance. Earth Works’ landscaping professionals work with you to pick the right location on your property to install your pond based on your size specifications with a quality pond kit (filtration & pump system, liner, and more depending on what custom features you choose), and your new, beautiful pond is ready to show off to your friends and neighbors! Our Earth Works landscapers will show you how easy it is to maintain your own pond. We’ll always be there for you to answer any questions or help you need after the installation is complete.

#4- In-ground water features like ponds add curb appeal and value to your home.

Besides making your neighbors jealous, your new pond can actually increase curb appeal and add value to your home when it comes time to sell as part of a well-landscaped property. Good, maintained landscaping can add up to 12 to 15 percent to your property’s value!

#5- The relaxing sound of cool running water on a hot summer day.

Free-standing fountain, water garden or in-ground pond, stream or waterfall, there’s nothing like a lounge chair in the shade, enjoying a fresh cold beverage, basking in the ambiance of the cool sounds of running water in your dream backyard during the dog days of summer.

#6 – Water features attract visitors, like birds and butterflies.

Not only can you choose from a huge variety of water plants at Earth Works for your pond, bathing birds and thirsty butterflies come along for free! When you add a new waterscape in your yard, you create a new ecosystem that brings new, lovely visitors to further enrich and beautify your outdoor space.

#7 – Looking for an accent piece for your garden?

A fountain is a great solution that’s much more unique than your average garden gnome. Plus, fountains come in all shapes, colors, and sizes, and even more awesome, you get the relaxing sound of falling water. There’s even a new fountain called a Fire Fountain, and yep, it’s exactly what it sounds like. A fountain with fire in the middle! Whatever your preference, a fountain’s sure to add something special to your outdoor space.

Ready to pull the trigger and get that pond you’ve always wanted?
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