Pond Clean Out Seminar 2023

Pond Clean Out Seminar 2023


Earth Works Owner Jason Duffney leads this demonstration seminar focused on periodic pond clean out maintenance and answers all your pond questions. This FREE event includes beverages and snacks!

Join us on February 18, 2023 from 10 am – 12 pm to learn how to keep your pond clean and healthy! 

Steps To Your Successful Pond Clean-Out

1. Start Draining the Pond – An inexpensive pump or a sump pump is sufficient. Be sure you save some of the pond water to fill a container with for the fish.

2. Disconnect the Circulation System – This will allow the water in the plumbing to drain out

3. Catch the Fish – Drain the pond down to the lowest shelf to catch fish easily and safely.

4. Remove Debris – Remove the large debris like leaves and twigs once the pond is drained.

5. Wash the Pond – A 1500 psi pressure washer or a high-pressure nozzle on a garden hose is recommended for pond cleaning.

6. Rinse the Pond – Rinse the pond from top to bottom with a garden hose without the high-pressure nozzle, as it continues to pump it out.

7. Clean the Fiters – Spray the filtration media until relatively clean and rinse down the inside of the filter units.

8. Refill the Pond – Pull the clean-out pump out and refill the pond.

9. De-Chlorinate the Water – Most city water contains chlorine and chloramine and requires treatment with a de-chlorinator before introducing fish.

10. Reintroduce the Fish – To properly acclimate your fish, you’ll want to put them in the pond as soon as the water is high enough for them to swim. Then slowly continue to add water to original levels. In extreme cold weather you may want to put fish with old pond water in a container to float in the pond allowing the water temperature to even out slowly.


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