Lawn Cleanup Tips For Storms

lawn cleanup after storms

In the aftermath of Hurricane Ian or any storm, we’d recommend following these lawn cleanup tips for storms.

-Inspect trees and roofs for broken or fallen limbs. Remove them before doing other yard debris removal to avoid any double working. If significant damage is identified that you cannot safely deal with, consider contacting a professional tree surgeon.

-Cut up larger pieces of tree limbs with a chain saw and lopping shears.
-Rake up sticks, twigs, and leaf debris. Don’t use lawn mowers for this as it can damage mower and mower blades, resulting in flying debris that causes personal injury and property damage.

Lawn Cleanup Tips For Storms

-Mow the lawn after all debris is removed. Chopping up storm debris with a lawn mower can also leave large chunks of debris in your yard that can kill the turf as it can take months to deteriorate.

-After evaluating your trees, shrubs, and garden beds for potential plant damage trim or remove damaged growth. Make lemonade from lemons and consider replacing trees and/or refreshing landscape beds and shrubs with new varieties. Visit your favorite garden center for new and replacement plants. This could be a great time to schedule a design consultation and have Earth Works complete a landscape makeover.

Lawn Cleanup Tips For Storms

-Separate yard debris from other household trash and containerize it if required by your municipal trash service. Some services allow large piles of rubble, whereas others need it all to be containerized to a specific size and weight. Refer to your local regulations and potential new pickup times after a storm.
-Avoid piling yard trash up for trash pickup in an area that will smother your good turf, as in bad storms and hurricanes. Realize that it can take longer than usual for removal by your municipal trash service.

Lawn Cleanup Tips For Storms

-Assess any drainage issues that occurred during the storm and consider drainage solutions appropriate for your circumstances.
-Resume your regular irrigation schedule after giving the landscape time to dry out.

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