Flooding Yard Fixes in Northeast Florida

Flooding, topsoil erosion, uprooted trees, and fungal diseases require flooding yard fixes that Earth Works strives to provide for Northeast Florida homeowners and businesses. While we cannot control the weather, we can consider monthly average rainfall and conclude that our Florida rainy season is July through September. Weather patterns such as La Nina and El Nino provide information on whether we should expect more or less rain during the season.

No matter how challenging your drainage issue may appear we’ve probably seen worse and can provide you with drainage solutions to suit your needs.


Drainage Fixes:

Adequately addressing the potential for flood waters and soil erosion on your property requires properly engineered drainage solutions for your impervious surfaces, including roofs, driveways, decks, patios, and water gardens. Fundamentally, drainage is removing water from an area. However, stormwater regulations developed to protect the environment and prevent flooding restrict the percent of your property that can be built upon with impervious structures and the extent of required onsite stormwater storage. Allowable drainage systems include gutters, French drains, channel drains, swales, permeable paving material, and storm drains. Earth Works landscape designers regularly consult with clients to remedy flooding yard problems that meet state and municipal stormwater regulations.

Tree Staking:
Tree staking protects newly planted tall trees from excessive rain that softens their roots grip while preventing wind from blowing them over, resulting in tree and property damage. Six months to one year is the typical time recommended for staking newly planted trees such as palms and other tall, heavy trees. While most plants don’t require staking, even naysayers must admit that tomato plants can benefit from staking. Earth Works Landscaping division stakes large trees for its clients and the garden center stocks staking kits.

Fungal treatments become necessary as fungus is one of the underlying problems that occur from too much water in your garden that can be a result of poor drainage. Fungus thrives in damp environments and can quickly devastate a wide variety of plants. We see powdery & downy mildew, black spot, brown patch, leaf spot, and blight on vegetable plants, fruit trees, shrubs, ornamentals, shade trees, and lawns. Bonide Copper Fungicide and Neem oil are both approved for organic gardening and are available at Earth Works Gardens. Additionally, the Earth Works Lawn Care division can diagnose and treat fungus in your lawn along with providing turf fertilization, disease, weed, and pest control.


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