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Online Landscape Design Companies Pros and Cons

Online Landscape Design Companies Pros and Cons

Consider these online landscape design companies pros and cons and questions to ask them to get your best results when booking them if choosing not to use a local brick-and-mortar landscape design company.  


Online Landscape Design Company Pro: Online Fulfillment.
An obvious advantage to hiring an online landscape design firm is the convenience of all communications being online without needing in-person interactions. Instead, you submit your project criteria via images and form-based answers to questions. Reasons to use the online landscape design company include insufficient local design companies to choose from and simply not wanting to meet in person. Twenty-four hours a day, 365 days per year, you can initiate, pay for and complete the landscape design process with the online landscape design company.

Online Landscape Design Company Con: Lack of In-Person Interaction.
Often people’s intentions are misinterpreted in online interactions. In-person meetings with a landscape design professional help clarify what clients want. These in-person meetings allow clients to assess whether the designer understands their vision and if they trust that they have the experience to complete it and are likely to stand behind the design during and after installation.

landscape design1Online Landscape Design Companies' Pros and Cons
Online Landscape Design Companies' Pros and Cons

Online Landscape Design Company Pro: Extensive Package Details
Online landscape design companies typically pitch the details and scope of their landscape design packages providing clearly stated details for each and the opportunity to pay for it online. An online landscape design company can also be expected to provide a timeline and quick turnaround.

Online Landscape Design Company Con: Missing Site Considerations
Brick-and-mortar landscape design companies often don’t provide the convenience of detailed online landscape design packages and rely instead on their in-person consultations and site visits before developing the landscape plan. The client submitting information about their wants for the landscape design to the online landscape design company may be one of many stakeholders in the project whose wants need to be represented in the design. In-person landscape design consultations and site visits typically involve designers meeting with couples taking both of their wants into consideration. The experienced landscape designer, during site visits, identifies concerns critical to the success of the landscape design that the client might need to recognize, such as irrigation needs, elevations, grades, drainage, neighborhood issues, etc.

Online Landscape Design Company Pro: Beautifully Designed Landscape Drawings
Online landscape design companies typically utilize various plant materials to create beautifully designed landscape drawings to suit the client’s requirements.

Online Landscape Design Company Con: Regional Lack of Plant Availability
Although online landscape design companies can create beautifully designed landscape drawings remotely from anywhere, plant material availability isn’t guaranteed, which can require revisions or plant and other material substitutions. Although revisions and plant substitutions are likewise common with locally based design firms they tend to have a better grasp of local availability, pricing, and what does well or not in a given area. The local designer will likely have relationships with a myriad of local plant material providers to choose from.

Online Landscape Design Companies' Pros and Cons

Additional questions to ask online landscape design companies to ensure your satisfaction after the sale:
-Will the landscape design provide information on required irrigation to establish and maintain new plants?
-Will the landscape design consider varied elevations, grades, and drainage that can impact the success of the landscape?
-Will the landscape design be customized to consider state and local government regulations? 
-Will the landscape design meet my Home Owners Association requirements?
-How many revisions to the landscape design are included in my plan?
-Do you have recommended contractors in my area who know the local plant material, what will grow well, and their availability?
-Are there any guarantees that I’ll be able to have this design installed for my budget?


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