10 Low-Maintenance Landscaping Plants That Thrive in Jacksonville, Florida

As a Jacksonville, Florida homeowner, your outdoor space can be a pleasure source or a constant maintenance challenge. Fortunately, the subtropical climate here in Northeast Florida is conducive to a wide array of beautiful, low-maintenance plants that not only survive but thrive, enhancing your property with minimal effort.

In this blog post, we’ll share our top 10 picks of low-maintenance plants that can effortlessly transform your Jacksonville yard into a lush, green sanctuary.

  1. Muhly Grass

A native to Florida, Muhly Grass is prized for its pink-purple feathery blooms that make a stunning display in the fall. It’s drought-tolerant, enjoys full sun, and requires little to no pruning, making it a fantastic low-maintenance option.

Pink hairawn muhly, Muhlenbergia capillaris, perennial tufted ornamental grass with narrow long leaves and small red to pink flowers with awns on elongate panicle with filiform spreading branches.
Coontie palm (Zamia pumila) cycad plant, green Davie, Florida, USA
  1. Coontie Palm

Coontie, Florida’s only native cycad, is another excellent low-maintenance plant. It’s extremely hardy and can withstand drought, shade, and even salt, making it perfect for coastal landscapes. It has attractive, fern-like leaves that provide a unique texture to your garden.

  1. Saw Palmetto

Elevate your plants—literally. Construct raised plant beds using stacked pavers. It provides a unique visual dimension to your garden and helps with soil drainage, ensuring your plants stay healthy.

Saw Palmetto and Pine Flatwoods
  1. Tickseed

Also known as Coreopsis, Tickseed is Florida’s state wildflower and a great low-maintenance bloomer. This plant produces vibrant, daisy-like flowers and requires very little attention once established. It’s drought-tolerant and prefers full sun.

5. Firebush


The Firebush is another low-maintenance native plant with a high impact. It’s a favorite of pollinators and produces bright red-orange tubular flowers. The Firebush is extremely hardy and can handle anything from full sun to shade, and dry to wet soils.

Firebush Or Hummingbird Bush (Hamelia Patens) Flower
Gaillardia aristata

6. Gaillardia



Also known as Blanket Flower, Gaillardia is a beautiful, low-maintenance flowering plant. Its red and yellow blooms not only add vibrant color to your landscape, but they also attract pollinators. Gaillardia loves full sun and is highly drought-tolerant.


7. Beautyberry


Beautyberry is a great low-maintenance plant with a surprise. This native Florida shrub has inconspicuous flowers but produces stunning clusters of vibrant purple berries in the fall. It’s highly adaptable and can tolerate a range of soil and light conditions.

beautiful beautiberry fruits in the garden
Trees Weeping Bottlebrush

8. Bottlebrush Tree


For those looking for a low-maintenance tree, the Bottlebrush Tree is an excellent choice. Named for its red, brush-like flowers that attract hummingbirds, it is drought-tolerant, enjoys full sun, and can tolerate most soil types.

9. Yaupon Holly


Yaupon Holly is a native, drought-tolerant shrub that’s perfect for those looking to add height and greenery to their landscape. It’s an excellent plant for wildlife, and it produces beautiful red berries in the winter.

Ilex vomitoria. Yaupon Holly Berries. Red Fruits on large shrub under cloud blue sky.
wax myrtle

10. Wax Myrtle


Wax Myrtle is another low-maintenance shrub that offers year-round interest. Its aromatic leaves deter pests and produce small, bluish-white berries in the winter. Wax Myrtle thrives in various conditions, from full sun to partial shade and moist to dry soils.

Each of these plants will enhance your Jacksonville landscape and create a garden that you can enjoy year-round without requiring countless hours of maintenance. The key is to choose plants that suit your specific landscape conditions and personal preferences. For the best results, mix different types of plants (flowers, shrubs, trees, and grasses) to create a varied, layered effect that provides visual interest throughout the year.

Creating a low-maintenance landscape is a smart, sustainable choice that allows you to enjoy your outdoor space to the fullest. And remember, low-maintenance doesn’t have to mean low-impact. With careful plant selection, you can have a stunning, vibrant landscape that’s easy to maintain, eco-friendly, and simply a joy to behold.

Enjoy the process of creating your low-maintenance landscape. The satisfaction of seeing your garden thrive with minimal intervention is truly rewarding. So here’s to less time spent on maintenance and more time enjoying the beautiful, thriving outdoor space you’ve created. Happy planting, Jacksonville!


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