January Lawn and Garden Tips 2022

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A warm La Nina Winter and its impacts are the focus of our January Lawn and Garden Tips for Northeast Florida. While January is typically the region’s coldest month a warm one has its drawbacks especially for plants.

Why Are Winter Temperatures Higher This Year?
La Nina is predicted by NOAA to be warmer and wetter than the average Winter for Northeast Florida. “Above-average temperatures are favored across the South and most of the eastern U.S. as La Nina climate conditions have emerged for the second Winter in a row according to NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center. Drier-than-average conditions are favored in south-central Alaska, southern California, the Southwest, and the Southeast.”

Credit NOAA

Dramatic Fluctuations In Temperatures More Harmful Than Lows
Worse than the threat of freezing for many of our plants is the threat from extreme temperature fluctuations. “If the temperature falls steadily and plants have time to acclimate to the cold, they can adapt,” according to Sharon Yiesla, plant knowledge specialist at The Morton Arboretum in Lisle. “What usually does the damage is a quick weather change or a big difference between the temperature during the day and deeper cold at night.” Plants likewise deal with freezing temperatures better when dormant. The greatest diurnal temperature variation tends to occur in the desert for a reason. In case of cold damage, make sure the affected trees or shrubs have water and avoid fertilizing or pruning them until Spring, which best serves the healing process.

Warm Winter Brings Tree Pollen Early To Northeast Florida
That’s not Spring, but pollen in the air. A warm La Nina Winter in Northeast Florida results in trees releasing pollen early. “Across most of the country, trees don’t release their pollen until early spring,” according to Allergy & Asthma Specialists of North Florida. “But, thanks to our temperate climate here in North Florida, local trees usually start producing an abundance of pollen starting in February (and sometimes as early as December).” In 2021 Jacksonville ranked 30th worst city for Spring allergies by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. Pollen allergy symptoms include itchy throat, congestion, runny nose, sneezing, coughing, and headaches.

January Plant Pruning For Northeast Florida
January is the appropriate time in Northeast Florida to prune roses and deciduous plants, including crape myrtles, pears, and plums. Even Double Knock Out roses that bloom every 5-6 weeks from Spring to Frost should be pruned once a year around this time of year through early Spring. Evergreens, in general, can be pruned any time of year. Prune your azaleas after they bloom, which can vary widely depending on the variety. “Bloom times are divided into three flowering groups of early, mid, and late or fall flowering varieties,” wrote Lorna King for Garden’s Path. “The early group starts to flower in late Winter to early Spring, roughly from February to April. Midseason is comprised of late Spring and early summer, or May and June. And the late or fall group flowers from midsummer and into fall, or mid-July to October.” Reblooming azaleas should be pruned after the Spring bloom only. If pruned after the Fall blooms, that could stimulate growth put at risk by Winter cold.

Planting Choices for January
Annuals are an obvious choice for colorful plantings outdoors in Winter. Pansies, petunias, snapdragons, violas, and dusty millers are popular. Camellias, the Queens of Winter with many currently blooming cultivars, is a great planting choice. Houseplant enthusiasts have a cornucopia of choices for adding to their collection in Winter, even though dealing with lower light, humidity, and temperature. Cooler months are prime time for planting large shade trees, fruit trees, and palms. Visit the Earth Works Garden Center and speak with a garden guide about the care of your specific plant choices.

Prep Soil In Winter For Beautiful Spring Turf
Prepare early for a beautiful Spring lawn with AERATION & TOP DRESSING. Our naturally sandy soil requires nutrient replenishment for your best Spring & Summer lawn. Proper care of your lawn during dormancy will make for a healthy, vigorously growing lawn turf that holds up best to pests and pathogens.

A combination of twice per week rain events or waterings continues to be our recommendation in January. Keep an eye out to see if El Nina provides the necessary precipitation or supplement when necessary. Earth Works Lawn Care can visit to provide you an estimate for AERATION & TOP DRESSING, lawn service, including lawn pest & fertilization spraying quotes, are available for free online.

Schedule Your Pond Clean Out In Winter

Earth Works provides quotes for the annual winter pond cleanout service for Aquascape ecosystem ponds we built and can quote any pond system design whether it’s a commercial or DIY constructed pond. Earth Works designs and builds low-maintenance ecosystem ponds that collect the majority of debris in the skimmer basket, but some debris settles to the pond bottom that requires a periodic cleanout. Unserviced pond debris buildup is a water quality concern. Thus, we recommend an annual winter pond clean-out servicing.

“So we recommend once a year,” Jason Duffney, Earth Works owner said at the 2021 Winter Pond Clean Out Seminar. “That’s what we have found is the secret sauce. Don’t wait beyond three years.” Thus, when contacting Earth Works to schedule a pond clean out our standard quotations are based on the pond size, equipment configuration, and design. The longer you wait and the dirtier it gets the more expensive the cost to the ecosystem and your pocketbook. Don’t wait. Contact us to book today!

Get Your Landscape Design Scheduled In Time for Spring Outdoor Living

A warm La Nina Winter can quickly fill landscaping companies Spring schedules. Consider booking your landscape design consultation sooner than later. Then spend some time gathering the pertinent documents and photos of landscapes you like that represent the vision that you create with your designer. Don’t wait until it’s too late to get your choice of project completion dates. Check out our landscape design consultation video to better understand our process. Before you book consider the Earth Works recommendation from these December clients the Shahs.

Earth Works operates a retail Garden Center in Jacksonville and provides landscaping, hardscaping, water features, lawn care service, lawn spraying, and drainage solutions. Visit us or for specific lawn, garden, and landscaping needs, contact Earth Works of Jacksonville online or at 904-996-0712.
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