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Better Than Your Grandma’s Herb Box

Better Than Your Grandma’s Herb Box – The perfect herb box for any back porch, patio, green house or gift. 

Time: 45 minutes

Servings: 1 Serving

Ingredients For the Container:

• 1 – 29 x 14 x 14” Planter Box

For the Planting Media:

• 1 – .5 c.f. Bag of Pea Gravel

• 1 – 2 c.f. Bag of Happy Frog Potting Soil

For the Plants:

• 1 – 10” Lavender

• 1 – 1 gal Pesto Basil

• 1 – 1 gal Creeping Rosemary

• 1 – 1 gal Blue Tuscan Rosemary

• 1 – 4” Blue African Basil

• 1 – 4” Genovese Basil

• 1 – 4” Dill

• 2 – 4” Sage

• 2 – 4” French Cooking Thyme


1. Place planter box on flat surface that is easy to access.

2. Open bag of pea gravel and dump into the bottom of your planter box. This should give you about two inches of gravel which helps with the drainage.

3. Next, open your bag of Happy Frog potting soil and pour it into your container until half full.

4. Once your soil is in, take your biggest plant, the lavender, and figure out exactly where you want it. Since this is your biggest plant you might want to put it toward the back so it doesn’t overshadow some of your smaller plants. You might need to move some soil over to make sure the top of your plant’s soil is an inch or two from the top of your container. Remove the lavender from its plastic pot and loosen the roots, then place it in your planter box.

5. Now add in some more soil and build up around your plant till you can add your 1- gal plants without them being too low. Then take you 1 gal plants, place them where you want them and again make sure the top of their soil is an inch or two from the top. I recommend putting your creeping rosemary in the front of your pot or to the side so that it can fall to the side and create a nice cascading effect.

6. Repeat step 5 but this time raise your soil enough to be able to place your 4” plants. Again, I placed my thyme in front so it can grow over the side of the pot.

7. Lastly, you are going to fill in all the crevices in the container that don’t have dirt. Take a small plastic pot or use your hand to put soil in these areas and then pat it down with your hand. You can also water your pot now which will pull your soil down and show you any places you might have missed soil.

8. Your planter is now complete and ready to be enjoyed by you or anyone else who loves fresh herbs.

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