Congratulation to earth Works Employee of the month

Living our culture: Excellence, Teamwork, Integrity, and Fun!

At Earth Works of Jacksonville, we appreciate outstanding achievement. We are acknowledging those setting the bar by exceeding customer expectations, completing our designs with excellence, or taking the initiative to help coworkers even when it isn’t in their job description. Each month we recognize one such staff member as Employee of the Month.

Keep up the great work!

Cheyann Eder EOM


While earning her degree in marine biology at UNF, Cheyann started working at the Garden Center just before the spring rush in 2019. She rode the crashing waves of Spring 2019 and 2020 when COVID brought customers out in droves to buy basically whatever we had for sale. 
Despite her youth, she is a very calming, knowledgeable presence for our customers. Cheyann ventured on other journeys but recently came back and drove her stake in the ground to lead our team on the weekends.
She is hungry to learn more about other departments, so she has partnered with our design team and our pond crew several times, earning her the title of “first female pond crew person”.
Cheyann has also taken on the role of enhancing our customers’ experience at the garden center. You may have recently seen her dressed like a ghost, and soon you may see her dressed like a snowman. She’s all about making relationships and connections, both with our team and our customers which is why we want to honor her today as the Employee of the Month.
Lyndi Johnstone

Lyndi Johnstone

EOM January 2022

For the past two years, Lyndi has been the best at setting up our landscape consultations and being our first friendly voice to our customers.  Aside from her main duties, Lyndi has been working hard to get the job descriptions updated. She has been very helpful with the new phone system and IT transition. She fills in gaps, with joy, in the nursery. She takes the initiative when she sees a need. She is consistently present. She has likely given more house plants a permanent home than any other employee making her one of our most valuable customers too. Thank you Lyndi for being a wonderful team player!

Michael Gavin

Michael Gavin

EOM February 2022

Flexible and fun Michael Gavin has been a great team player since joining us last September. He helps both the maintenance and the garden center departments. With an attitude of gratitude, he completes tasks quickly and thoroughly. Always ready to learn and better himself, he is diligently training as our second spray technician. Customers are always raving about his customer service, attitude, professional manner, and high level of quality in his work.

Thank you, Michael, for doing a great job!

tim jeror

tim jeror

EOM March 2022

Tim came back to us last fall with a renewed sense of purpose and ownership. He steps up to the plate whenever he is asked. He motivates the team with his positive energy, funny pictures, and memes. After learning the pond crew basics extremely fast, his excellence and understanding of customers’ visions has helped him create their perfectly desired water feature.

Tim We are so Glad you are back!

Tony Shuman

Tony Shuman

EOM April 2022

Tony joined our lawn maintenance department last June. He has consistently been a great team player living all of our points of culture (Fun, Excellence, Teamwork, and Integrity). His can-do-attitude allows him the flexibility and willingness to help wherever needed. He helps train other team members up to his high standard of quality. He also has had ZERO customer complaints!


Sandy Rea

Sandy Rea

EOM May 2022

Sandy is our longest serving employee behind the two original founders for over 31 years! As the “keeper of all knowledge”, she can find nearly any document or item from the past. Every single customer or vendor invoice passes through her hands. She handles over 400 transactions daily. About the sweetest person you will ever meet, she is always accommodating and seems to have endless patience. AND, she puts up with Doug, Mark and Jason.

We appreciate and love you, sweet Sandy!

Donald Marion

Donald Marion

EOM June 2022

Donald Marion came to us one year ago. He worked in the maintenance department before transitioning to the Bluff crew last winter. Donald brings his great attitude to any department that needs help. He is up for any challenge and always completes it with integrity. He recently covered for a member of the team without a single complaint. He was able to seamlessly secure plants from the Garden Center over to the Bluff for our customers’ landscape projects. Nice work Donald!

Emily King

Emily King

EOM July 2022

Emily King joined our circus in January, and since then, has been flying from one trapeze to the next with pizzazz. Her attention to detail, combined with her ability to communicate with customers and across departments has made our nursery deliveries run smoothly and profitably. She unloads and waters palms and plants. She keeps our online shopping website organized and full of photos.
In short, if you ask her, Emily would say she has been given a fresh start. She’d say she has come HOME to a place where she can breathe, laugh, and live.
We’re so glad she is here!

Patti Sanders

Patti Sanders

EOM August 2022

Patti joined our team over two years ago and has really become an important part of our culture. She exemplifies it regularly with her positive attitude, integrity, and team spirit. She treats her customers like royalty and that shows with her great sales and happy customers. If you happen to be a Bills fan, she takes it to a higher level of excitement. We are proud to have Patti in the Earth Works family and watch her leadership grow.

Thank you, Patti, for your enthusiasm and commitment!

Antonio ordaz-santiago

Antonio ordaz-santiago

EOM September 2022

Antonio has only been with Earth Works for 14 months but has been a valuable landscape teammate from the start! Despite his youth, he had several years of experience on another company’s paver crew. He shows up every day ready to work hard and is always willing to work Saturdays too. His ability to communicate well in English and Spanish has been an asset in making paver installs seamless and efficient. Antonio’s positive attitude is infectious. We appreciate having him on the team.

Nice work, Antonio!

Doug Fisher

Doug Fisher

EOM October 2022

Doug Fisher has been with us for over two years.  From the beginning, he has been an awesome and reliable team player.  He shows up every day with his great work ethic and great attitude.  His customers really appreciate the quality work he performs on their lawns.  Doug always does an excellent job following our systems. And, the best part is he 100% never complains.At the end of the day, he is still happy and smiling.  Before clocking out, he will make sure the profit sheet folder is not left empty for other employees to find.  Not only is Doug a wonderful foreman and teacher to his crew, but his coworkers know they can always depend on him.

Thank you, Doug, for being a valuable member of our team!

“The nice thing about teamwork is that you always have others on your side.”

                        — Margaret Carty, American author


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