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What are the Pros and Cons of Crape Myrtle Pruning?

Proper crape myrtle pruning is best done as a consistent cultural practice of modest trimming over the lifetime of these beautiful heavy blooming trees.

How Often Should I Clean Out My Pond?

From our experience with unserviced pond debris buildup for water quality concerns, we recommend an annual Winter pond clean out service

When Is the Best Time for Rose Pruning In North Florida?

The key benefits of properly timed rose pruning include encouraging disease-free healthy growth and appearance, new growth, and better blooms. As with other plant varieties, pruning can be done any time of year to address dead, diseased, damaged, or dangerous growth.

When Should I Apply Weed And Feed?

The proper timing of Weed and Feed is critical to its success in providing nutrition to your grass and eliminating and/or preventing new weeds.

What is Xeriscaping?

The word “xeriscape” is derived from the Greek “xeros,” meaning dry, and “scape,” a kind of view or scene. Together, xeriscaping is landscaping with slow-growing, drought-tolerant plants to conserve water and establish a waste-efficient landscape. Landscapes can be designed from the start to reduce the amount of resources needed to maintain them. By selecting the […]

7 Tips to Keep Pond Water Clean

Written By: Aquascape Inc. Most water gardeners are aware of the importance that good quality water plays in a pond habitat.  Not knowing how to get or keep water quality can sometimes prove challenging.  Your water may be clear, but your fish might be acting differently, which can signify that something might be a little […]

Butterfly Gardening Basics

There are several levels of butterfly gardening depending on whether you want to just attract a few or provide a habitat inviting several varieties to move in lock, stock, and chrysalis. You can start by planting a few nectar plants or providing other lures to attract the butterflies in your area. You may find that […]

Curb Appeal Tips for Adding to Your Home’s Value

Written By Guest: Clara Beaufort Curb appeal comes in many different forms, and it can greatly improve your ability to sell your home quickly and for a great price. Even if you’re not thinking about selling just yet, it’s a good idea to consider your landscaping and other outdoor aesthetics, as they can significantly raise […]

Backyard Design Ideas That Your Dogs Will Love

Written By Guest: Jordan Swift For those of us who keep our dogs in the backyard, we know it can be a challenge to keep them entertained back there. There aren’t many doggy toys that can survive the test of time, and aside from chew toys or rawhide bones, it can be difficult to come […]

The Benefits of Winter Mulching in NE Florida

We all know mulch serves as a decorative landscape accent and weed block during the growing season. But did you know that mulch is also beneficial in the landscape to protect Florida plants from the freezing temperatures of Winter? In addition to looking great the purpose of Winter Mulching is primarily to protect your plant’s […]