Water Feature Care During Bad Weather

Earth Works designs, constructs, and provides support for people wanting water features of all sorts including patio-bowls, pondless waterfalls, water gardens, koi ponds, and recreation ponds. With weather events such as tropical storms and hurricanes, all these water bodies require specific care and attention before, during, and after the storms.

Fishless Water features: The biggest concern besides direct damage to a patio-bowl or pondless waterfall may be the standing water-attracting mosquitos after several days without electricity.
• A simple solution is the mosquito dunks and bits available at large retail stores that will prevent mosquito breeding in these systems.

For ponds with fish: Water gardens, koi ponds, and recreation ponds have a more extensive set of concerns to keep those ecosystems and fish healthy in the event of storms and power outages.

• Reduce or stop feeding the fish several days before the storm to reduce their toxic ammonia output into the pond.
• Go ahead and do any regularly scheduled water changes along with checking the filtration system, cleaning skimmer baskets, etc.
• Assess the threat of pond water overflows and if that were to occur would it result in additional flooding issues or allow fish to escape? Might other hazardous materials enter the pond in flooding conditions? Sandbags could be useful.
• Some pond owners will remove the fish and hold in a protected area to weather the storm.
• If the threat of flying debris into the pond is significant netting or even sheets of plywood could be used for protection but must be safely secured.

• As filtration and oxygenation are critical for fish health backup generators are literally lifesavers! Battery-powered pond aerators are a quick, easy and inexpensive resource for situations where power may be out for only a few hours.
• API 5 in 1 Pond Test Strips are invaluable for monitoring the critical pond water chemical parameters that affect fish health. We regularly stock these at our garden center. SEE OUR YOUTUBE VIDEO DEMONSTRATING USE:

• Be aware that the greater the number of fish and larger they are the greater their oxygen requirements and output of toxic ammonia into the pond.
• EarthWorks carries a full-line of Aquascape Inc. products to keep your fish and pond healthy regardless of the critical situation they face.

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