What is the Role of a Landscape Designer?

The role of a landscape designer is to utilize their professional training and experience in creating a plan for your outdoor spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Landscape designers consult with clients to develop either hand sketches or computer-assisted design plans for outdoor spaces. Landscape designers produce plans for residential front and backyards, water gardens, parks, and more that are functional, decorative, and enjoyable based on their client’s requirements. Good landscape design improves curb appeal and property value.

Landscape designers must be knowledgeable in horticulture, layout, topography, construction principles, and materials. To achieve the desired results, they must consider factors such as climate, soil type, and the hardiness of plant life in the region they are designing. They should also understand drainage, hardscaping materials, and other site-specific issues. The role of landscape designers does not necessarily include overseeing installation of your project.

There are landscape design specialties such as water conserving xeriscaping and Florida Friendly Landscape Design. “Florida-Friendly landscapes are designed to be functional, cost-efficient, visually pleasing, environmentally friendly, and easily maintainable,” according to the University of Florida. “These characteristics improve marketability and help to create healthy vibrant communities for Florida residents to enjoy.”

The role of a landscape designer at Earth Works includes meeting with clients at our garden center to provide a first-hand view of plant and hardscaping material options and completing site visits at client properties to get a first-hand view of existing slopes, the orientation of the property, structures, and proposed landscaping to the sun and take measurements. Earth Works landscape designers oversee the installation of the design plan and complete walk throughs with clients upon completion to ensure customer satisfaction

We encourage clients to have a list of goals, a vision, and a budget in mind for their landscape design and installation. Take the time to research different landscape designs you like and don’t like and prioritize your ‘must-have’ features from those that would be ‘nice-to-have.’ Examples of ‘must-have’ features, for example, could include palm trees and a hedge for privacy screening with a patio and fire pit. ‘Nice to have’ elements could consist of a recreational pond and outdoor lighting. We encourage clients to dream big. Must-have items would be the basis of the design to include ‘nice to have’ items that fit your budget. Additionally, your landscape design plan can consist of everything including ‘must-have’ and ‘nice-to-have’ features to be installed in separate phases over months or years as your budget dictates. 

Do your research on the landscape design companies available to you and look for examples of their work, check their reviews for an indication if they are best suited to fill the role of landscape designer for your next project.

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