Pool Landscaping Design Process

As a key feature of the pool landscaping design process, Earth Works recommends budgeting 10% of your pool construction costs to landscaping. Pool landscaping is often an afterthought not considered until the pool contract is signed, under construction, or completed. A beautiful pool landscape design is the finishing touch on a real estate upgrade. HOA’s often require landscaping plans as part of their pool review approval process. Clients can prepare their pool landscape design simultaneously with the pool design or take a phased approach handling aspects of the landscape project, such as drainage and grading for the landscape prior to completion of the pool installation. Phasing in the overall landscape design can save money completing parts of the project immediately after the pool shell, deck, and plumbing are complete.

Earth Works landscape designers consult with each client at their property, listening and asking questions, taking photos, and providing from that meeting landscape design drawing. Aspects of the landscape design include drainage, irrigation, landscape tear-out, and installation of trees, shrubs, flower beds, sod, landscape lighting, and water features. Handling all aspects of these essential elements of the landscape design with one company rather than half a dozen reduces the client’s potential frustration from dealing with too many companies simultaneously working on their property. It saves clients money by developing the pool and landscape plan simultaneously. Avoid duplicitous labor and material expenses by timing drainage, irrigation, and grading between pool contractor and landscape designer.

The pool landscape design development requires that the designer receive a copy of the clients’ property survey, site plan, and pool construction plan. Additionally, the designer needs to know the location of new and existing lines for electric, gas, irrigation, plumbing, and sound system.

Process considerations include:
-Irrigation capping and replacing associated pipes and hardware is recommended as existing lines could be broken after the pool is excavated and installed.
-Drainage work can begin once the pool shell is installed and plumbing lines are buried before any landscaping. Drainage planning is critical prior to a new pool being installed as there is less lot surface area to absorb water and, if done poorly, can result in the house, pool, and property flooding. Consider connecting downspouts from roof to drainage to flow away from house and pool deck.

-Grading for irrigation and new landscape design can begin after drainage work is complete.
-Tear-out and removal of old landscaping and installation of new landscaping are completed after pool construction is complete and their equipment is removed.

Earth Works of Jacksonville design process typically requires 2-6 weeks depending on the complexity of the project and time of year. Earth Works provides pool landscaping separately from the pool contracting process although we have strong working relationships with pool builders throughout Northeast Florida including Pratt Guys. For more about the Earth Works design consultation process, view the following video highlighting each step in the journey.

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