November Lawn & Garden Tips 2021

November lawn and garden tips start by noticing that Jacksonville’s climate this month is typically the driest with the possibility for the areas first seasonal frost day. Weather can vary greatly as Thanksgiving temperatures in Duval have ranged from the twenties in 1970 to a high of 86 degrees in 2014. Unlike northern states, our holiday entertaining can typically be done comfortably on the patio, by the pond and fire pit. Throughout the month, the average temperatures are between 75 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Be mindful of your weekly rainfall totals. Water when necessary and prepare to protect your tender plants and furry friends from that first frost.

With an average of four days of rain in November, it’s the driest month averaging 2.34 inches and comes on the heels of a drier than usual October. Once per week watering is the rule in Jacksonville, coinciding with a return to Standard Time on November 6. Earth Works Lawn Care Operations Manager Chad Lakin urges that we continue to need two watering events per week this time of year. They can both be rain events or supplemented with irrigation and hand watering. Weird way of saying it, but concise.
Stipulations for Jacksonville’s watering ordinance include:
1) No watering from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
2) Odd number addresses, or addresses ending with letters N-Z, or no address may water only on Saturday.
3) Even number addresses or those ending with A-M may water only on Sunday.
4) Non-residential addresses may water only on Tuesday and 5) Apply up to ¾-inch or less of water one time per week.

Our warm-season grasses are going dormant, but caring properly for them now will lead to a healthy lawn in Spring. Winterizing fertilizers has gotten mixed reviews in recent years. Fertilizer blackout periods prohibit nitrogen and phosphorus fertilization throughout much of Florida (excluding Duval County) from June through September to prevent surface water contamination and algae blooms. Chad Lakin, Lawn Maintenance Operations Manager recommends Fall fertilization for root health with an NPK of 0-0-26, which helps protect against grey leaf spot fungus during the growing season. Fall fertilization aims to provide supplemental nutrition to boost turf health for sustaining it through dormancy.
There is a “4R Nutrient Stewardship” concept developed by the International Plant Nutrition Institute and shared by scientific and educational institutions around the world specifically related to the best use of fertilizers.
4Rs incorporates:
• Right fertilizer source at the
• Right rate, at the
• Right time and in the
• Right place

Credit: UF/IFAS

November North Florida Vegetable Planting Calendar from the University of Florida IFAS includes Arugula, Beets, Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, Cabbage, Carrots, Cauliflower, Celery, Collards, Kale, Kohlrabi, Lettuce, Mustard, Onions, Radish, Spinach, Strawberry, & Turnips.
Did you know that Earth Works has many varieties of veggies available and ready to plant?

Compost is our model for good soil. We recommend Wild Earth Soil Mix, a nice dark rich, light-weight compost mix that’s perfect for growing your vegetable garden in and sold by the bag and yard. We’d additionally recommend amending garden bed soil with Espoma Organic Biotone Starter plant food. It contains mycorrhizae that help root development, nutrient uptake, and support. We have a variety of additional soil amendments, including earthworm castings and exotic manures including bat guano.

Unless farming a large garden plot, consider utilizing raised garden beds for vegetables to better contain gardening soil mixes, composts, manures, and other soil amendments. Raised beds tend to have higher soil temperature that’s less compacted with better drainage. Growing crops directly in the ground has obviously worked for all of human history, but in urban eras especially be certain that you don’t grow your food in toxic chemicals. Unmarked dump sites and leaking underground storage tanks for gas stations, etc can be a source of groundwater pollution and soil contamination that you wouldn’t want to grow crops for your family in. Know before you grow.

Protect your crops from caterpillars and other insects that like to eat our vegetables and ornamentals with the beneficial bacteria Bacillus thuringiensis available from Monterey and Thuricide. Another beneficial bacterial agent is Spinosad which likewise kills garden pests and is available in Capt. Jack’s Dead Bug Brew. Our recommendation to effectively treat fungal outbreaks in the vegetable garden is limited amounts of Copper Fungicide (also acts as algaecide and bactericide) by Bonide. Beware though that even though copper fungicide is a staple in organic gardening that there are concerns about the bioaccumulative properties of copper. Boost your Fall vegetable gardening success with once per week fertilization with Organic Neptune’s Harvest Fish Emulsion liquid fertilizer.

The Jacksonville Pond Tour is our annual one-day event on Saturday, November 6, an opportunity to visit many of the area’s finest water gardens and koi ponds built by Earth Works. Take advantage of the opportunity to speak with and ask questions of the homeowners about not only the joy of having the pond but bring your construction, maintenance, and other questions. Be inspired by the beauty and tranquil nature of these custom-designed Aquascape ecosystem ponds.
The Jacksonville Pond Tour for 2021 is a FREE self-guided event held on Saturday, November 6, from 10 am to 4 pm. See

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