New Landscape Watering Tips

New Landscape Watering Tips

Consider these tips for new landscape watering as these plant requirements vary from those already established in the lawn and garden. Even the healthiest trees, shrubs, and flowers planted in ideal circumstances need substantial time, care, and proper irrigation to become established in the landscape. Regular irrigation in the month after planting ensures the plants remain healthy and attractive as they establish. The time it takes for a nursery-grown tree to become established ranges from 4 to 15 months, depending on trunk size. Even a three-gallon shrub can take as long as seven months to take hold. Remember, these plants were watered daily, some twice a day in the nursery. 

New Landscape Watering Guidelines for New Plants

Frequency and the amount of water are essential factors in establishing plants. A typical automatic overhead irrigation system is not sufficient. Generally, your new landscaping will need an extra consistent drip system or hand watering to ensure long-term success. 

The following Guidelines Will Need To Be Adjusted For Variables:

  1. One-gallon plants: Gently hand-water daily for at least two weeks (less in rainy or cool seasons), gradually tapering off to every other day, then three times a week through the first month (2-3 months in summer). Flowers will require regular watering throughout the warm season. Container plantings will need a drip system or hand watering indefinitely. 
  2. Three-gallon shrubs: Apply at least one gallon of water directly to the root ball every other day for the first two weeks; tapering off to twice a week for the first three months (longer if in summer or drought conditions). Use of regular overhead irrigation will be sufficient after that. 
  3. Larger shrubs (15 gallon+) and trees 2″-4″ diameter: Be sure the water runs long enough to soak the entire root ball. Place your hose at the base of your shrubs or trees slowly for 10-15 minutes each. Do this daily for at least one month, then every other day for the following month (2 months June-September). Continue hand watering twice a week for the next three months, then weekly until established. 
  4. Extra-large trees (4″+ diameter trunk): Drip or hand water daily for six weeks. Continue every other day for the next five months, then weekly until established (at least 15 months). 

Reason to Water Less:

-Heavy or consistent rain. 

-Damp soil conditions. 

-Deep shade.

-Drought tolerant plants (still need some water to establish). 

“Avoid watering between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m,” according to the University of Florida. “A significant amount of irrigation will be lost to evaporation when watering with overhead irrigation during the heat of the day. Check with your municipality and water management district for the latest watering restrictions.

While we strongly encourage water conservation, extra water is required to establish your new landscape successfully. If your county has watering restrictions take note of any allowances for extra watering and hand watering to establish new plants. “Exceptions under certain circumstances are allowed (such as using a hand-held irrigation tool, micro-irrigation systems, maintenance, and repair or watering to establish new landscaping,” according to the City of Jacksonville.

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