June Lawn And Garden Tips 2022

While preparing to enjoy Summer here are your June lawn and garden tips to make it even better in the lawn and garden.


Summer begins on the Summer Solstice, June 21, the year’s longest day. And June 1 is the official start of hurricane season. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is predicting an active season with 19 named storms. “The past six years have had more U.S. land-falling category 4 and 5 hurricanes than the past 50 years combined,’ according to New4Jax. Temperatures were average for May. However, the rainfall was two inches higher than usual. Nearly all of it fell in three days during the latter half of the month. The rainy season in Jacksonville begins in June, averaging 7.5 inches of rain, but last June racked up just under 10 inches of precipitation. How many inches will fall this June, and can your drainage system handle it if the storms bring as much rain in as short a period of time as they did last month?
Frequent light rains are better than drought, followed by storm flooding. Plants can become heat-stressed during extended dry periods. Heavy and infrequent rain increases the likelihood of flooding and stormwater runoff carrying soil nutrients and fertilizers away, weakening your landscape and causing pollution downstream. Although area water restrictions limit lawn irrigation to twice per week watering, make sure the lawn is getting full coverage from the sprinkler heads. New plantings, transplants, and dry spots in the lawn require supplemental hand watering.

NOAA named storm predictions. Source News4Jax

Cool-season vegetables and annuals are out for the June planting schedule. However, our subtropical climate in Northeast Florida during the month of June is perfect for planting shrubs, fruit-bearing & flower trees, palms, and Summer & Fall blooming perennials. Matt, Rhonda, and Dennis are combing through availability lists of growers’ inventories to provide you with a big selection of planting options right for the season you visit the Earth Works garden center.

You may have gotten a preview of drainage problems on your property during the heavy rains of May. Ensure no leaves, limbs, or debris clog up the gutters that are designed to drain water away from your home and other structures. Suppose your French drains and drain boxes have gotten covered or filled with dirt and debris. In that case, they need to be cleaned out before heavy rains. That will reduce the risk of flooding, and standing water, which quickly suffocates lawn turf and other vegetation and is a breeding ground for mosquitoes and fungus. Consider Earth Works typical drainage solutions and schedule a design consultation if necessary. If you are already having issues with insect infestations and fungi visit our garden center and speak with one of our garden center associates about our fungicides and other helpful products and how to use them.

Have gutters cleaned out to avoid drainage problems.

Remember that the five D’s of pruning are to do so when they are dead, dying, damaged, disfigured, or showing signs of diseased wood. Your Spring bloomers should typically already be pruned as they set buds on old wood. In contrast, Summer bloomers won’t set bloom until Winter or early Spring. Also, check your trees for boring insects that can weaken them and cause limbs or trees to fall in high winds. While a stately oak can live over 100 years, it can be weakened by nutritional deficiencies and insect infestations. As a result, they can become waterlogged and drop damaging limbs in bad weather.

Non-native plants unaccustomed to area soil and climatic conditions benefit significantly from fertilizers with specific blends of macronutrients (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, & Potassium) and micronutrients (calcium, magnesium, and sulfur). Plant lovers often complicate their landscape designs by mixing many varieties of plants and grouping them based on looks rather than nutritional needs resulting in more work and upkeep. Earth Works landscape designers work with clients creating designs that take into account what the homeowner wants and what the plants need. Sun, wind, temperature, and soil conditions make every landscape someone different, with microclimates varying significantly from one yard and region of town to the next. If you aren’t an avid gardener and don’t have the time to invest in your garden, a landscape design plan, installation, and lawn care services are for you. If you want to build on your gardening success stories or start anew, visit our garden center and bring your questions to our friendly staff.

One essential item of June pond care is ensuring you have an adequate oxygen supply. Dissolved oxygen levels in pond water can reach dangerously low levels for fish as water temperature increases. Adding supplemental aeration can improve fish health and improve water clarity. “Aeration does not only enhance water quality by stabilizing pH, reducing alkalinity, preventing anaerobic conditions, and removing carbon dioxide, but can also greatly decrease the cost of pond treatments,” according to Hoffman’s Waterxscapes. There are many aeration kits on the market that Earth Works makes available for purchase at our pond store to improve your pond water quality. Learn more about the science of dissolved oxygen in ponds from our blog “Low Dissolved Oxygen: Koi Summer.”

Credit Hoffman’s Waterxscapes

The Jax Pond Tour hosted by Earth Works on Saturday, June 11 is your opportunity to get ideas for building a pond or water feature that suits you or possibly upgrading an existing one. The ponds are typically cleaned during the cooler months making June a great month to see Earth Works pond designs at their peak performance. Please bring your questions to the pond owners and consider their advice.

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