Hurricane Season Landscape Preparation

Hurricane season landscape preparation is crucial as it begins on June 1 and lasts until November 30. Each year Floridians face the potential of fall out from tropical storms and full-blown hurricanes. While hurricanes are uncommon in June, there have been tropical storms that were significant rain events, such as Tropical Storm Debby in June 2012, contributing more than half of that months’ 20-inch rainfall totals for Jacksonville. Hurricane seasons such as we are seeing in 2022 have no hurricanes affecting Florida until late September when the season heated up. Please pay attention to the needs of newly planted trees whose root system may not be fully established and do best when staked to prevent them from toppling over during periods of soggy soil and or with high winds.

Older trees may need pruning to reduce the risk to structures and power lines from overhanging limbs. In addition, we benefit from removing dead, diseased, cracked, and broken limbs at risk of falling during high wind events and hurricanes. Depending on the types of trees in the landscape, some are at greater risk of attracting lighting, with those struck most often being oak, pine, and palms. When hit, the tree will attempt to repair itself but should be monitored over some months that ultimately may require that the damaged tree be pruned or removed entirely.

When combined with saturated soil, tree species with shallow roots and large canopies are at higher risk of coming down during high wind and rain events. Younger trees planted that may still be staked or within several years of planting are not without risk during storms as their root systems may still be inadequate to protect against extreme wind and rain and at serious risk of falling. They can likewise be badly damaged in such events where the roots become ajar, exposed, or damaged. If you’ve planted a sizable tree in recent months and not yet protected it from wind damage with a staking kit, it is good to consider purchasing one and installing it. 

Though tragic, it is hardly a surprise when we see news coverage of a limb or large tree that fell into a home or crushed a vehicle during high wind and rain. However, regardless of the conditions of our trees, when faced with an impending storm event, it is best to assess the situation, be aware of our surroundings, especially overhead, and take necessary precautions to protect ourselves, friends, and family.

A licensed arborist can provide a professional assessment of what needs to be done to protect the specific trees in the landscape before and after the hurricane season. Earth Works Jax Lawn Care & Pest Control Service offers treatment programs to keep clients’ trees, lawn, and garden healthy throughout the year. The Earth Works Garden Center provides a variety of trees that do well in Northeast Florida weather, including oak, magnolia, crape myrtle, and a wide variety of palms. Our knowledgeable garden center staff and landscape designers are here to help with your hurricane season landscape preparation. 

For comprehensive solutions to your specific lawn, garden and landscaping need contact Earth Works of Jacksonville online and at 904-996-0712. Earth Works operates a retail Garden Center/Plant Nursery in Jacksonville and provides landscaping, hardscaping, water features, lawn care service, lawn spraying, and drainage solutions.
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