Sun-Loving Evergreen Ground Covers

It can be difficult to identify rugged ground covers when looking through all our abundant plant options. Sedum and Aptenia are a few succulent sun-loving evergreen ground covers we recommend here in Northeast Florida.
Yellow Bouquet Sedum, Sedum sediforme is a great choice that doesn’t aggressively run and spread like some vining-type ground covers. They are more of a mounding plant with an interesting soft spiking foliage texture and appearance. They provide a showy bright blend of yellowish-green color. In the heat of Summer sedum is one of the most rugged ground covers with both heat and drought tolerance. Their range per USDA hardiness zones includes 6 thru 9 and cold tolerant to below freezing temperatures. Create vivid contrasting colors in flower beds, along waterfalls and walkways mixing sedum’s brilliant green foliage with the flowers of Blue Daze ‘Blue My Mind’.

If you are looking for a runner that provides more ground coverage Variegated Aptenia, Aptenia cordifolia ‘Variegata’ and the standard green Aptenia are good choices with their fleshy stems and leaves with flowers that continue to bloom throughout the warm months of the year. The flowers vary in color including red and yellow that provide eye-catching contrast against the lighter foliage. Both these varieties of Aptenia grow well here in Northeast Florida in full to partial sun, blooming best with full sun exposure. They form a mat low to the ground, which is of benefit if you are layering different varieties of plants in your landscape design.

Besides succulents when looking for sun-loving evergreen ground covers in Northeast Florida consider the linked list by the University of Florida that includes many other types of ground covers that we carry seasonally.

Regardless of your choice of sun-loving evergreen ground covers make sure they are suited for your area, landscape, and preferably non-invasive. Protective barriers such as metal edging or edge work with boulders will contribute to the aesthetic beauty of your project and aid in preventing the ground cover from spreading into unwanted areas of your landscape.

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