New Paver Driveway Improves Curb Appeal, Value, and Satisfaction

This new paver driveway improves curb appeal, value, and satisfaction for this Jacksonville Beach homeowner. “John (Cacchione) came up with a wonderful plan,” said Homeowner Faith Stone. “And I met with him and reviewed the plan and said this is it.” The plan included tearing out and removing the existing concrete driveway and replacement with Tremron glacier colored 12” x 24” pavers in the Park Plaza style and landscaping. “It has transformed our house,” said Stone.

Pavers are attractive, safe, and considering permeability, they are better for the environment than poured concrete which has a shorter average lifespan before cracking. “I see that a lot, with new homes, some of the older buildings, even some of the new projects with concrete driveways are cracked with trees by them, with heavy machinery on them, with water from the roof eroding underneath them,” said John Cacchione, Earth Works landscape designer. “The pavers are a good replacement.”

Cracked and uneven concrete driveways leave bad first impressions as they are an eyesore, tripping, and driving hazard. “Beyond the installation, a paver driveway is a better investment because it lasts longer and adds curb appeal to your home,” says Home Advisor. “The average paver driveway lasts between 30 and 50 years. Pavers are up to four times stronger than poured concrete, meaning they can support four times as much weight. Slabs tend to crack over time, while pavers can come loose individually.”

Tremron Glacier, Park Plaza style pavers are available in 2 3/8” and 4” thick options. Other Park Plaza paver size options include 8”x8”, 8”x12”, 12”x12”, 16”x16”, and 24”x24”. “So we’ve got the four-inch-thick paver, and we’ve got a six-inch base of Krush Krete underneath all of that,” said Cacchione. “That was unique to this job, and we’ve got a cool border here too where we normally do a single border here we did a little double border. It gives you just a nice imprint of that contrasting color.”

Raised edging and borders are options for driveways with practical benefits, including less grass intrusion onto the pavers. It keeps vehicles on the driveway rather than in the landscape. Flat edging and borders provide aesthetic value with endless design possibilities. “Versus just a single band (border), you can do the double band,” said Cacchione. “You can do a triple band. I like to do the little sandwich band, I call it. So you take two 6”x9” pavers, and you sandwich another little thin paver between them. It’s a really pretty look. So dressing up your borders like that is really a nice way to dress up a driveway. You can do that on existing concrete driveways too. It doesn’t have to just be pavers. You could come in with a paver border, a paver apron, and then some paver bands that we cut into the concrete to enhance what you already have. You don’t have to tear out everything.”

We recommend widening sidewalks to front doors when replacing driveways as builders commonly construct them 36” wide, which isn’t pedestrian-friendly for two people walking together to a porch or front door. We enhanced the entrance, so it’s really big now,” said Cacchione. “It gives you that sense of welcomeness to the front door.”

With age and use, driveways require maintenance and eventual replacement that reflects on home value. “The National Association of Realtors surveyed homeowners, landscape professionals, and Realtors to evaluate how certain outdoor remodels contributed to resale,” according to “Upgraded hardscape and landscape design both placed in the top four projects that buyers find appealing and that Realtors agree can add resale value.”

High and low gloss sealers are available for your new driveway, along with rust remover, rubber, paint, and tar removing cleaners. “The glossy sealer will give you that wet look all the time,” said Cacchione. “You do have to reapply that every 3-5 years based on your wear and tear. So the sealer will lock that look in place, or we can do a matt finish, which will give you not the glossy finish, but the finish when it is dry. I do recommend the sealer. I do recommend you reapply it. It’s going to be a lot easier to clean your surfaces off if you’ve got that coat of sealer on the paver.”

This Jacksonville Beach client trusts Earth Works for various services that started with a visit to the garden center where she purchased plants and met Cacchione. That friendly business relationship blossomed into providing landscape design plans and a beautiful driveway that met and hopefully continue to exceed her expectations.

Just as this driveway improves curb appeal, value, and satisfaction count on Earth Works of Jacksonville with all your landscaping, hardscaping, drainage, water gardening, and lawn care needs. Earth Works operates a retail Garden Center/Plant Nursery in Jacksonville and provides landscaping, hardscaping, water features, lawn care service, lawn spraying, and drainage solutions. Contact us with your questions and to book design consultations.

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