Common Drainage Problems and Solutions

You’ve come to the right place to learn more about common drainage problems and solutions in our Northeast, Florida service area. We offer customized drainage solutions with multiple configuration options discussed in our consultation process depending on your specific needs. Each rainy season here in Florida, we receive urgent calls from home and business owners with drainage problems that require rapid identification of the causes and solutions to common drainage problems. Here in Northeast Florida, we typically have months of dry weather where drainage isn’t an issue, followed by reoccurring months of heavy rain that overwhelm drainage systems. While it’s best to address drainage issues before the rainy season, various factors result in drainage problems that did not exist before.

Common Drainage Problems and Solutions
Gutters Downspouts

-Gutters and Downspouts are a good starting point for identifying and determining solutions to common drainage problems. Gutter systems may be non-existent, inadequate, or need damage repair or unclogging. According to the National Association of Homebuilders, the average lifespan of gutters and downspouts is thirty years.
However, the average lifespan of the gutters and downspouts is dependent on construction material, quality of installation, and operating conditions. Roof construction material, pitch, age, and service history contribute to gutters and downspouts’ working conditions. Seasonal leaf drops on the roof can clog uncovered gutter systems requiring gutter and downspout cleanouts multiple times per year. We recommend that when seeking causes and solutions to drainage problems around your home or business, start with an assessment of the working condition of your gutters and downspouts.

-Improper slopes and grading of yards result in common drainage problems. Varying elevations in a landscape, whether naturally occurring or a result of earth moving to build a home, other structures, and landscaping, contribute to the quality of drainage on a property. The elevation and grading of neighboring properties can impact drainage on your property. Take note and stay aware of how surface water flows on your property from year to year and annual changes due to earth moving on your property that was purposeful as with landscaping or a result of erosion. Fixing the grade for a property can be minor or significant, requiring a few bags of dirt or truckloads spread with a bulldozer.


-Landscaping done incorrectly contributes to common drainage problems. Displacing soil to plant trees, shrubs, and groupings of plants in flower beds along with amending soils for turf collectively alter the yard’s slope and elevation. The altered surface water flow can result in flooding, erosion, and additional drainage problems. No matter how large or small the landscape project, be aware of its potential to affect drainage on your property. And make drainage considerations a part of your landscape design priorities.

-Roots and debris clogging drain pipes are common drainage problems. Underground drainage system pipes are constructed from various materials that include a range of corrugated and PVC rigid pipes. Perforated piping is most susceptible to intrusion by roots, although clogs can occur with any piping. Earth Works provides an access point at the base of the downspout for easy cleanout with a garden hose for rigid pipe installs. Each type of drainage pipe has its advantages for specific applications and drainage needs that we discuss with property owners during the design consultation process.

-Soil Composition and Compaction contribute to common drainage problems. Although much of our regional soil composition is highly permeable well-draining sand-building activities and landscaping result in compaction that impacts drainage. Heavy rain on highly compacted soil results in less percolation of water into the soil and an increased risk of flooding and stormwater runoff. While we provide mechanical compaction under paver patios, we also offer mechanical aeration services for turf to improve the percolation of water into the lawn and increase nutrient uptake as part of our recommended annual aeration and top dressing services.

Regardless of the cause of your drainage problems, Earth Works provides solutions not limited to French drains; gravity drains, channel drains, swales, cisterns, and sump pump systems that meet federal, state, and local regulations designed to protect your property, safety, and the environment. Our drainage systems are guaranteed to work and warranted for one year on parts and labor.

Step-By-Step at a 2022 Northeast Florida Drainage Project (Thanks Bruce!)

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