Container Gardening – Planting the Perfect Pot.

Thrill, Fill, and Spill!

A classic recipe for creating a beautiful arrangement uses this theory of combining plants with different heights, textures, and growth patterns.

  • Thriller:  Anything you choose that will act as a focal point. Choose something dramatic and flashy. It could be anything that draws the eye. This is also usually the tallest plant in the mix.
  • Filler: Choose plants that won’t get as tall as the Thriller but will either contrast or complement it and fill in the middle space
  • Spiller: Pick one or several plants that will drape and spill over the container.

Design Possibilities:

Monochromatic design–Pick plants that flower in similar colors.

Monochromatic container design

A centered layout – If your planter is seen from all sides, you should center your tallest plant and fill in around it so it looks beautiful from every angle.

Butterfly attractor pot ­­– Combine several nectar plants

pollinator pot

Salsa Pot ­­­­– Pick a favorite tomato variety, a jalapeno, or even a hotter variety of pepper with a cilantro herb to have all your ingredients for delicious fresh

Salsa Pot

Evergreen collection ­­­­– Try combining three different size planters in a unifying color or texture, each with just one beautiful evergreen shrub plant.

Unified collection of containers


Be sure to choose plants with similar water and light needs when combining them. Also, please take into consideration the amount of space each plant will need when they a full-grown

Proper container planting steps:

Pots over 18” deep should have a minimum of 3” of gravel placed in the bottom. (Add 3” of additional stone for every 18” of pot height.)

Fill pots with premium Fox Farm potting soil up to the point of the depth of the plants that are going to be installed.  Image of fox farm

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