Concrete Retaining Wall Benefits

Concrete Retaining Wall Benefits

Concrete retaining wall benefits include aesthetics, affordability, durability, erosion control, and add functionality to your landscape design. Additionally retaining walls expand usable space in the landscape, form boundaries, direct traffic, and reduce maintenance.

-Aesthetics: You can’t put a price on the joy you get from a pleasant experience with friends and family on and around your well designed safe and durable seating wall or along a raised flower bed built with concrete wall block as focal points in your outdoor living space.

-Affordability: Concrete retaining wall blocks have a big impact in landscape designs at competitive prices to retaining walls constructed of other materials including wood, rock, and metal. Factors effecting cost of concrete retaining wall block projects include the design complexity, block style, overall footprint, elevation, grade, whether its stepped, the choice of base material to be used and accommodations for drainage and stability. Every project is unique and Earth Works landscape designers consult with clients onsite before collaborating with our design team and implementing the client approved design.

-Durability: Concrete wall blocks are cast concrete, gravel, sand, and cement. Studies demonstrate that hollow concrete block masonry are stronger than solid brick walls. Concrete block walls are stronger than walls made of low-density cinder block that aren’t recommended for high-load-bearing projects and prohibited by some building codes. Besides a gravel base additional retaining wall block structural supports are typically required with slopes and projects exceeding certain heights and footprints. A preferred method for additional structural support are use of alternating layers of compacted, and backfilled, soil reinforced with geogrid, a geosynthetic material sandwiched between courses and embedded in the substrate.

-Erosion control: Retaining walls by definition retain soil and prevent erosion. Earth Works provides a variety of retention wall drainage systems that could involve perforated pipe, filter fabric, and drainage stone in proximity to the project. The best drainage solutions for retaining walls also take into consideration an assessment of drainage of the entire property that can involve channel drains, French drains, and connecting downspouts.

-Functionality: Concrete retaining walls provide a variety of functional benefits to your landscape including fixing grades that can be too steep or sloping. Your concrete retaining wall as part of your walkways, pathways, raised beds, patios, and seating walls expands your usable outdoor living space. Our landscape designers look forward to sharing with you the retaining wall benefits for your project and creating a project that meets your aesthetic and functional requirements.

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