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Do It Yourself Pond Filter Clean Out

Follow these steps for Do It Yourself pond filter clean out for better start-up success regardless of your equipment configuration. Do It Yourselfers often build and clean out their water gardens constructed with professional-grade equipment such as Aquascape Biofall filters installed by pond building contractors. The time a filter can go before needing a cleanout […]

Northeast Florida Spring Lawn and Garden Checklist

Get prepared and ready for a successful season ahead using tips from our Spring lawn and garden checklist. Aeration and Top Dressing renews your lawn soil with the required nutrients. Earth Works lawn care division provides this service. Our garden center likewise has many varieties of high quality soils for your gardening needs. If your […]

Praying Mantis: Beneficial or Not?

Hatching praying mantis can be a fun and educational introduction to raising garden insects, but are they beneficial or not? Fun Facts About Praying Mantis-They see in 3D.-They can turn head side to side & 180 degrees-They commonly camouflage themselves-They are cannibals-2400+ species of praying mantis-Some species grow to 5″ in length Are Praying Mantis […]

February Container Gardening Recipe

February’s Container Gardening Recipe includes some cool weather full sun favorites and specialty choices. Using shades of pink surrounding a striking white spike of Delphinium makes a pretty-in-pink combo. When temperatures rise, if this combo gets some afternoon shade, it will last further into the season.1. Pink Geraniums make a perfect filler with large bright […]

Northeast Florida Fancy Palm Provider

Earth Works is a Northeast Florida provider of Florida Fancy palm trees, the highest grade established by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. When making your palm tree purchases, it’s helpful to know its grade based on an assessment of its health, frond, trunk, root ball structural quality and the likelihood of transplant […]

Good Gardening Soil for Northeast Florida

Good gardening soil is a loose mix of air, water, minerals, and organic matter including humus, roots, and organisms. Of the 18 essential elements for plant growth and development nine are called macronutrients with the most common being carbon (C), hydrogen (H), and oxygen (O), which are key for the production of carbohydrates, proteins, and […]

Proper Palm Pruning

Proper palm pruning beautifies these stately specimens in the landscape and protects them from stress from poor care and environmental pressure.Benefits of Proper Palm Pruning Include:• Preserving the health of the palm.• Improving their appearance.• Eliminating places for pests to hide.• Reducing wind resistance during bad weather.• Reducing fire hazards from the highly flammable dead […]

Houseplant Lover Photo Contest

Here are the photo entries for the houseplant lover photo social media contest that began on February 1 for Facebook and Instagram. Contest requirements were, “Lovers of houseplants upload your best houseplant photos in the comment section for a chance to win $50. Entry deadline Feb. 27 and winner announcement to be made on Feb […]

Koi Handling Tips for Beginners

Earth Works offers these koi handling tips for beginners interested in protecting the health of one of the most popular fish available for ponds and water gardens. Introduction: What is a Koi Fish? Koi fish are a type of ornamental carp bred primarily for their colors, patterns, size, shape, and, most importantly, their friendly nature. They […]

6 Essential February Lawn and Garden Tips

Consider these six essential February lawn and garden tips for a beautiful close to winter and a healthy, and robust Spring season ahead. 1) In February, continue protecting plants from frost and freeze damage. While the threat of frost and freezing temperatures vary on average the last freeze day in Jacksonville is February 15 and […]