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Distinguishing Between Alocasia, Colocasia, and other Elephant Ears

Elephant ear varieties are popular foliage plants in the US that though toxic, are a starchy food for hundreds of millions of people worldwide. As Araceae family members, they include the genera Alocasia, Colocasia, Xanthosoma, and Caladiums. Some grow along the banks of ponds, rivers, and streams while others prefer uplands. Their corms are marketed […]

Breaking Dormancy in Seeds and Bulbs

Breaking dormancy for cold-hardy seeds and bulbs requires mimicking plant germination cycles, techniques called stratification, which is accomplished by controlling temperature and moisture for a period of time. Stratification has been in practice for hundreds of years and was first described in the 1664 writings of English Horticulturist John Evelyn. Evelyn’s emphasis on the relevance […]

Don’t Turn Your Back On Fall Winter Watering

We expect our turf grass to go dormant in the cooler months, but don’t turn your back on Fall Winter watering as the lawn and garden need that moisture. “The month with the fewest wet days in Jacksonville is November, with an average of 5.3 days with at least 0.04 inches of precipitation,” according to […]

Increasing Christmas Cactus Blooms

Christmas cactus blooms increase less from fertilization than by controlling their temperature and light exposure between October and December. Akin to poinsettias and chrysanthemums, Christmas cactus collecting has become a cherished family tradition resulting in high demand for this limited availability plant at the holidays. Folklore from Brazil tells the story of a boy’s prayer […]

Overwintering and Indoor Propagation

Overwintering and indoor propagation require special attention to temperature and lighting. Let’s say you went a bit overboard with your purchases of tropicals and other cold-sensitive plants last Spring and Summer. Now you wonder if you’re prepared for that first frost and freeze warning? Indeed, miles apart are our Northeast Florida Winters from our subtropical […]

Rethreaded’s Delores Weaver Campus Grand Opening

Earth Works welcomed the opportunity to provide landscaping for Human Trafficking victims services non-profit Rethreaded’s Delores Barr Weaver Campus before its grand opening. Rethreaded is moving from a 2,800 square foot facility to this 36,000 square foot location in Springfield. This was made possible by donations and a matching grant from Weaver, a local philanthropist […]

November Lawn & Garden Tips

November lawn and garden tips start by noticing that Jacksonville’s climate this month is typically the driest with the possibility for the areas first seasonal frost day. Weather can vary greatly as Thanksgiving temperatures in Duval have ranged from the twenties in 1970 to a high of 86 degrees in 2014. Unlike northern states, our […]