Monthly Archives: September 2021

Fall Planter Arrangements for Northeast Florida

Using a mix of Florida landscape plants, create Fall planter arrangements that hold up to our cool season temperatures while providing seasonal color. Cypress, Maple, and sweetgum are a few of the trees that provide us seasonal color later in the season. As Florida’s forests say “not yet” to the September 22 start of Fall, […]

Nitrogen Cycle Basics for Pond Owners

Earth Works builds ecosystem ponds that work with natures’ nitrogen cycle for pond owners wanting to provide a healthy aquatic environment for plants and animals. Organic debris, including fish food, animal, and plant waste, accumulate in ponds and are broken down by nitrifying bacteria making nitrogen available to plants in a process called nitrogen fixation. […]

Curb Appeal Landscaping for Home Buyers & Sellers

Understanding curb appeal landscaping principles benefits you regardless of whether you’re looking to buy, sell, or spruce up a home. In the accompanying video, Earth Works Owner Jason Duffney provides examples of curb appeal landscaping principles used in developing a plan for a new homeowner in Jacksonville. The landscape should fit the architecture. The color, […]

Plants Toxic to Dogs

Considering there are more dog-friendly plants than those that cause them harm, we’ve cross-referenced the,, and ASPCA lists of plants toxic to dogs and provided below. Grass tends to be the most commonly consumed plant by dogs. The science is not clear as to why dogs eat grass. It could be a primordial […]

September Lawn & Garden Tips

DAYLIGHT HOURS ARE RETREATING about thirty minutes per month from their peak of 13:26 at the Summer Solstice on June 20, with Autumn arriving on September 22. Less than 12 hours of daylight hours will remain by the end of the month limiting our time in the September lawn and garden. TEMPERATURE HIGHS AND LOWS […]