Monthly Archives: July 2021

Knowledgeable & Passionate Employees Educating the Public

What company doesn’t want employees that are knowledgeable and passionate about their products and services? We salute our knowledgeable and passionate employees educating the public every day about our products and services. We also celebrate and recognize outstanding performance at our monthly employee meetings and support our employee’s professional development. Our marketing department consists of […]

GYO Greens: Ponte Vedra Aquaponics Farm

Close to the Tournament of Players Championship (TPC) at Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, nestled among the homes of PGA & NFL players is the one-acre GYO GREENS Ponte Vedra aquaponics farm. “We grow specialty petite greens, microgreens, petite veggies, and edible flowers,” says the owner Helga Tan Fellows. “Our variety of petite greens […]

Lawn and Garden Damage from Heavy Rain

The signs of damage from heavy rain and overwatering can take weeks to appear. Some damage in the form of fallen limbs and trees occurs quickly and is easy to see. Last week, Hurricane Elsa passed Jacksonville with tropical-storm-force wind and rain. It added to a week with more than 5 inches of rain that […]

Sun-Loving Evergreen Ground Covers for Northeast Florida

It can be difficult to identify rugged ground covers when looking through all our abundant plant options. Sedum and Aptenia are a few succulent sun-loving evergreen ground covers we recommend here in Northeast Florida.Yellow Bouquet Sedum, Sedum sediforme is a great choice that doesn’t aggressively run and spread like some vining-type ground covers. They are […]

July Lawn And Garden Tips For Northeast Florida

What was the weather like in June, and what can we expect in July?On July 2, Elsa became the first hurricane of 2021 to threaten Florida with tropical storm wind and rain causing us to lead the July lawn and garden tips with an emphasis on the importance of hurricane preparedness. The National Oceanic and […]