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Soil Testing In Northeast Florida

Why should I do Soil Testing in Northeast Florida?Soil is a mixture of mostly minerals, organic matter, water, and air. Plants require specific nutrients to thrive. Identifying the soil’s specific composition helps in identifying soil deficiencies and necessary remedies that can aid in avoiding over-fertilization that can result in stormwater run off pollution. Soil testing […]

Sanctuary on 8th Street Educational Charity

Earth Works encourages your support for the Sanctuary on 8th Street educational charity serving Jacksonville children and families. Main website You can help as a volunteer. Find out more at Arbor Day with the Sanctuary on 8th Street 2021 On Arbor Day Earth Works delivered a check for $2000 from proceeds collected from […]

Recreational Swim Pond Construction

In-depth information into this recreational swim pond construction by Earth Works, Aquascape Inc., and contractors from around the country. This event took place in St. Augustine, Florida as part of an annual Winter Seminar coordinated by Aquascape Inc for the purpose of advanced training for Certified Aquascape Contractors. EVENT INFORMATION: TEAM Aquascape Event at St. […]

Landscaping for Pollinators in Northeast Florida

After more freeze days in Winter than in recent years, many Northeast Florida homeowners are heading to garden centers to replace plants and want to do more landscaping for pollinators. “It’s really easy here in Northeast Florida to attract the birds, the bees, the butterflies, all the beneficial pollinators and insects that we want to […]

Landscaping for Curb Appeal in Northeast Florida’s Hot Real Estate Market

In what some consider a Florida real estate post-pandemic gold rush, landscaping for curb appeal in Northeast Florida’s hot real estate market is more critical than ever, benefiting both higher resale value and improved homeowner satisfaction. Earth Works Landscape Designer John Cacchione showcases landscape design elements that improve property value and customer satisfaction at a […]

April Lawn and Garden Tips for Northeast Florida

APRIL CLIMATE IN NORTHEAST FLORIDA:April Lawn and Garden Tips for Northeast, Florida communities in and around Jacksonville start with a focus on climate as this is the time of year when increasing numbers of gardeners head out to work in the garden and landscape as average high temperatures are 80F and average lows of 62. […]