Monthly Archives: March 2021

Why Do I Need A Landscape Plan?

Have you ever done something and realized later that those actions had unintended consequences? Improving outcomes is a core benefit to planning. Most people don’t have the equipment or horticultural and regulatory knowledge to undertake large-scale landscaping projects successfully. Merely hanging a plant from your favorite nursery or installing a few pavers does not require […]

Landscape Design with Drainage Swale

John Cacchione, Earth Works Designer, discusses the benefits of incorporating a drainage swale in this Atlantic Beach landscape design to provide aesthetic benefits while protecting the environment and other neighbors’ property from stormwater runoff. “The city will make you do that based on your coverage no matter if you are under or over; they want […]

What to look for in a Pond Building Contractor

You’ve probably seen waterfalls you liked in nature, neighborhood entrances, or maybe a friend’s pond or water feature. And you’ve wondered about exploring options for having one built in your yard. Luxurious water features add that resort feel to any property. Yet, you wonder what questions you should ask when searching for your pond building […]

What’s The Cause And Treatment for Black Citrus Tree Leaves?

So your citrus has started to bloom, and you’ve gone out to visit your orchard only to find leaves covered with a black coating and white fuzz. The black coating is one or more genera of fungi called sooty citrus mold. The white spots are from mealybugs laying eggs and freshly produced sugary honeydew secretions […]

What are the Pros and Cons of Crape Myrtle Pruning?

Proper crape myrtle pruning is best done as a consistent cultural practice of modest trimming over the lifetime of these beautiful heavy blooming trees.