New mosquito Prevention!

Concerned about mosquitos? Earth Works can help.

One goal: To significantly reduce mosquitos and other biting insects so you and your family can enjoy the backyard anytime day or night.

Two Solutions: Earth Works is now offering two options that will provide highly effective protection from mosquitoes.

1. Secure ChoiceTM Mosquito Assurance


Earth Works Lawn Spray Division is now offering this comprehensive long-acting mosquito control treatment.

• Guaranteed control for up to 30 days

• Can treat for a one-time special event or set up a recurring treatment schedule to give you year-round protection

• Costs depend on the size and density of the plants on your property and the amount of product we will need to use

• Safe for plants. Once dry, safe for people and pets*.



2. HavenTM Backyard Lighting & Mosquito Repellent System


Earth Works Landscape Lighting division now installs these innovative fixtures that provide year-round hassle-free mosquito control.

• One fixture provides 110 square feet of coverage

Four fixtures protect an average patio or deck (400 sq ft)

• Protects within 15 minutes of use

• Odorless, silent and invisible

• Can stand alone or be added to low voltage lighting system

• People and pet-safe; doesn’t harm plants or lawn

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For more information and a FREE quote call today. 996-0712.

*Not for use immediately around fish ponds or on vegetable gardens.